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Horrendous Gaming

Senior Member
Dec 29, 2017
Michigan, United States of America
In-Game Name:Tyro Snow
Steam Name:Horrendous Chyka

Date and time of loss:Not to sure, rougly between 2:00 and 5:00 PM EST
What happened:Opposing org hopped out their cars and shot us, without any valid time to surrender or telling us to get out of the car. PR on them was accepted, Voilence and Ryan who were in the 2nd lambo were initially refunded in the sit, but since i was in the lead lambo, where the rule break occured im making my own refund.

What do you need refunded:x1 Scar-H x1Kev&Helmet x1 M-TI sight x1 Saker Suppressor
Proof of attatchments:
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MRP Senior Administrator
MRP Senior Administrator
Forum Moderator
Jun 13, 2017
Your refund request has been accepted.

When you are next online, please go to the 'Refund Request' NPC located in the bank to collect your refund. If you find any issues, please contact me, a Server Director or a member of the Community Management team to assist you.
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