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[PREMIUM] Solution to Donation Errors

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Active Member
Jun 18, 2017
Hello everyone in the Monolith community! My friend @Throlex [3XN] and I have discovered a fix or solution to donating for premium on Monolith!

  • A PayPal account owned by you.
  • A PayPal account owned by a friend or (alternate)!
  • An approved credit card on your PayPal account.
The Method
Alright, so make sure you can safely say you have met all the requirements. First, you need to navigate to the "send and receive" tab. Which should look like the image below.

Click "send or request money", and then proceed to the button that says "Send Money To Friends And Family". This should get you to a screen that looks like the image below.

Now type the email of your friends email address assigned to their PayPal account and send them the appropriate amount of money that translates from
"£7.99 GBP" or $10.33 USD. Once you have sent the money to your friend he should send the same amount of money back to your PayPal account. The goal or objective is for the money to become PayPal balance money and to transfer the money from the credit or debt card. Now proceed to the Monolith purchase site here. Login to your PayPal account and proceed to the transaction. Congratulations you have officially purchased Premium!

How This Works
This solution works because the customer making the transaction is able to convert the currency through PayPal's currency converter without having to pay a foreign transaction fee to the credit card company located outside of the UK thus allowing the user to purchase the intended product.

Disclaimer: there is a tax or fee for people in certain countries who use PayPal, always account for added fees and taxes.


Scott Wong

Senior Member
Apr 15, 2017

(premium is spelled wrong)
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Jun 23, 2017
Florida, United States of America
Dude, this post helped me a lot but I also want to thank @Throlex for the best idea on this guide. I was mad that I couldn't buy it because my card was getting declined but your comment made me very happy when I used my other PayPal account to transfer money into it!
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