MRP Profession-based Jobs

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I understand this is a very advantageous yet very improbable idea and given how busy devs are currently, this idea will likely get shot down quickly, however, I am curious if some players feel the same way I do about the current system.

I've only been playing on this server for a few weeks, however, I've been hooked since day 1. I've played many Gary's Mod RP servers in the past but nothing as clean and well run as Monolith. The sheer variety of things to do is nearly limitless and the player base is unusually well behaved for a Gary's Mod game. I've never encountered a server with such active and dedicated staff. It's only been a short while I've played on this server, but I have seen a lot. That being said, I'm new and I don't have much money. I want to earn money. However, grinding levels is costly and it cost money to make money. To put it lightly, to level up a profession, you need a lot of money to simply gain the ability to make money from the profession. This is why I am attempting to approach this problem from a different angle, without making sacrifices.

The Suggestion :
Profession-based jobs similar to the cop profession; one must start as a cadet and rank up from there. However for a profession-based job, one must level up their specific profession to gain access to that job. These jobs would provide some essentials such as land, machines, and some supplies to do this job. The job would also pay and skill up the profession. I can’t think of any job for woodcutting or mining, also I don’t think woodcutting or mining would benefit from specialized professions.

Some suggestions for jobs:
  1. Chemist Lab - A chemistry lab where you do research that benefits the city while you receive pay and experience for working. Some ranks could be intern, lab assistant, technician, lab director. To add more depth perhaps the lab director could also become corrupt like the mayor and use the lab with an ORG to produce drugs or poisons. The lab director decides what to research, and the research could have an effect on the city, an example of these effects could be, ‘Scientist have discovered a serum that makes plants grow 20% faster. All plant growing is boosted for 30 mins’ or like ‘Scientist have discovered a love bug that causes people to feel generous. Vendors have reduced their prices by 10%’
  2. Factory - A factory where you craft goods for the city and get paid in both money and experience for working. The factory is given a grant by the mayor for supplies, and the factory director chooses what is produced. The produced goods are ‘exported’ and the profit can go back to the government. This could allow the mayor to invest in the factory to eventually increase his budget. Some ranks could be assembly line worker, woodworker, metal worker, foreman, and plant director. And like the chemist, this job would be fun with the possibility of a corrupt plant director. If the director is corruptible, he can decide to allow civilians to use the machines to craft, however since the factory is no longer used for exports, no one earns wages and the government will no longer receive this form of funding.
  3. Sharecropping - (This would be more of a starter job) Sharecropping as a profession -- where you maybe get paid to use designated government land for farming, however, the government takes most if not all your crops as compensation, and you gain the experience.
Some notes on the suggestions:
  1. Chemist - The chemist profession should not allow you to produce drugs nor provide a place to sell. The lab director can’t produce drugs either, he simply makes the decision on what to research, and if the position can be corrupt, he can allow for drug making by civilians.
  2. Factory - The factory is for crafting exportable goods, no one gets to keep the items produced. If the director can be corrupted, the factory should function as a normal crafting setup, and take just as long to craft.
  3. Farming - Can only grow normal plants or plants up to a certain level, like level 15, so in order to get the XP from higher level plants, you still must own private property. Also, I understand the motives of the devs for changing the farming system, to discourage public farming and encourage private farming, however, this has led to many simply sharecropping on private land and paying the owner, rather than rent/buy a property. While the change did achieve what the devs want, it makes farming a lot more difficult and costly.

The Reasons:
Right now the job choices are somewhat limited. Yes, you can be a tow truck driver, UPS driver, or even a food delivery man, but these jobs are way too limited, there is little pay, and it is quite monotonous. Professions are a key feature of the server and jobs that utilize the profession system in such a way would add a lot of variety and new methods of grinding levels.
2. Profession based jobs are realistic. Right now, the professions are almost mainly learned to allow access to illegal money-making activities or to produce legal goods that are then sold. All of this is done as a civilian, meaning professions are, for the most part, nothing more than hobbies.
3. Many of the items required to do certain professions require start-up capital, such as crafting requires you to buy expensive machines to craft. For farming, it's almost impossible not to farm on private property, which tends to be costly(and yes you can grow on someone else’s property, but unless your friends own the property, you’re still likely gonna have to pay to use the property). It’s hard to make a profit with the costs.
4. There are those who want to produce goods for profit, and then there are those who want to level up so can also produce goods for profit. Since the suggested jobs don’t actually yield any product but rather pay wage and give XP, there isn’t much profit to be made in this job, thus preventing people from abusing it for money.
5. As I have mentioned, grind in a game is good, however too much grind is not fun. This suggestion wouldn’t remove the grind for professions, rather it allows for a more dynamic system by adding more unique jobs that utilize many of the central features of the server while additionally have an impact on the surrounding environment.

To those still reading:
I do think there's a problem currently with grinding, however, I don't want to make anything easier, I simply want to add a new approach to the grind without changing something so well-established.

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Valentino Meid

MRP Moderator
MRP Moderator
Jun 10, 2017
The Netherlands
+support this would be very interesting, of course some stuff would have to get tweaked but something like these jobs would be cool.


MRP Administrator
MRP Administrator
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MRP Recruitment Team
Jul 7, 2018
Houston, TX
I really like this, a way to benefit the city before you learn how to wreck havoc on it


Active Member
Aug 19, 2018
+support , Bring more Rp!
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Aug 9, 2017


Dec 24, 2018
+ Support, especially Chemist, alternative way of levelling Chemistry without doing LSD, for those who want to go straight to Cocaine.

The JD

Well-Known Member
Oct 19, 2018
definitely, +support and I like your suggestions I feel they could add even more and make it even better!