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Monolith Pleb
Jul 21, 2018
From the ashes Rose anew, like a Burning Phoenix We promised to rise again.
The city tainted and the Gutters Running with blood, The Hawks Emerged from The depths of the city after being Slaughtered In para lake. A war that showed no mercy on either side, Huge Gun wars Waged throughout Para lake. The Red hawks Putting up stiff Resistance against its Endless List of Enemies yet it was not enough. Only so much money and so many men They slowly were Lifted from their Foundations and Uprooted from The city they had called home.
But this time it is Different,The enemies they Once had Either Long gone Or Mere shadows of what they were
And Seeing the City Now taken over by power hungry vandals They emerged from the Shadow they once walked and danced with Pride, We Hawks Now Reborn into Monoford Ready to Purge those who Harm the city and the land, Through Blood and fire we hawks No longer tend to our plants and Promise to make the city Safe once more!

Backstory:This Is a ORG Based around An older Organization Called the “Red hawks” Which was a peaceful Organization that consisted of Farmers who Mostly Owned Paralake Farm and Only wanted to be left alone. But Endless days in the city Racked up Quite a bunch of friends and Quite a few enemies. At one point it was either you Were with us or against us. But all in all Alot of Huge ORGS started to Combine or be revamped which caused said ORG to get quite some attention which led to Endless Muggings,Raids,Kidnappings on both side which would Leave Red hawks disbanded along with a few more down the road. But all in all the Organization had about 25+ Active Members who slowly turned into criminals due to the life they lived. Having had run quite a few orgs i'm here to create What will ultimately be my last Group. (Sidenote, We Roleplayed as Native americans who respected the land and its people)

What we stand for:What the Red hawks stood for was A peaceful City or atleast a not as toxic one, At the time it was filled with Death squads that roamed the city looking for its best loot and the best houses to “Explore” Which it can be fun but alot of this leads to People breaking the rules because all they care about is Gunplay and etc, So we tried to provide a Area in which players could reside and farm without Being mugged every 30 minutes for no reason at all. And thats what im going to try and aim for from now on. Not exactly but it will be centered around Pushing Toxic Groups out and Being at peace with those who share our standards.

So? Why not join me?
Ive put alot of time into this server, use to be pretty hated and pretty loved, and probably had mixed feelings with staff if they remember me :} But i can say for a fact is that I try and provide an authentic ORG roleplay Scenario With backstory and history that alot of older members would possibly remember. It'll be fun experience or at least we'll have fun Dying together!

Application To join:
Name ingame-
Do you plan to stay for the long ride?

Alliance Application:
Name of ORG:

Members List:
Azekial leronie
Hankins Jenson

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Active Member
May 1, 2019
Good luck, I think I have been a member of this org in the past.
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Well-Known Member
Aug 7, 2019
Good luck!

Bobby Hive

Well-Known Member
Jul 25, 2017
Arizona, United States of America
Good Luck, See you out there!


MRP Senior Administrator
MRP Senior Administrator
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Jul 7, 2018
College Station, TX
I remember the red hawks, good luck


Monolith Pleb
Jul 21, 2018
Added Gooftroop as an Ally