FEEDBACK Redo the spawns of Fish

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Joey Skylynx

Active Member
Jun 18, 2017
North Dakota, United States of America
The current system for how fish spawn is ass-backwards in it's approach. If you are targeting a specific species, you'll usually get lumped together with a completely unrelated species that does not take the same bait as the one you are targeting. Not only is this just annoying for monetary reasons, but it's also really bad news for the server. Players have had incidents where the fishing system completely bugs out, and the entire fish spawn they were on will go offline. The culprit? Having fish of different bait types spawn in the same area.

Some examples of this:

Fishing for Swordfish and locking up the entire fish spawner because Sunfish for some reason are grouped together with Swordfish.
Fishing for Salmon and locking up the entire fish spawner because Mahri Mahri doesn't take big lures.

The only fish spawn that works as intended is when you are fishing for bass and cod. They take the same bait[small lures] and because of this the spawn system doesn't just nuke itself from low orbit because it doesn't agree on certain things.

What needs to be done is a reorganization of the fish spawns so that only fish species of the same bait type spawn in the same area. Likewise more fish spawns need to be added. We currently do not have fish spawns in any of the rivers, Mulberry Lake, or really the vast majority of the map. I'd suggest adding more fish spawns that are easily accesible without the need of a boat.