refund request (more proof) mb

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Ricky Lafleur

Oct 22, 2018
In-Game Name: Ricky Lafluer
Steam Name: Callmelucky #LF your mom
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:94960093

Date and time of loss:
What happened: OK so basically on the December 21 was when all the warehouse deeds reset and I was the first person to buy the warehouse deed for Parkers. everything was going good until the 28th and the deeds messed up which everyone knows about by now. Today the 31st of December it seems that the deeds might have been fixed and I see that I no longer own the warehouse deed is what it shows. I do not want a refund request for the deed money I would simply just want the deed back. I was very fortunate to find on the 21st that the deeds for the warehouses were no longer owned and I think that if I don't regain ownership of the deed that it would be very very unfair.

What do you need refunded: no refund just the deed back for the warehouse (I was told by Bryan that I should make a refund request and elaborate on it.
Evidence: I don't think I have screenshots of owning it but I think everyone on the server knows I owned it before it glitched out. I know @Jimmy Veira can 100% back me up and tell you that I owned it before and there are probably logs of some sort. @DevulTj I believe you are the developer trying to resolves this issue. THIS IS WERE THE PROOF STARTS. Like I said I bought the deed on the 21st proof that I owned the deed on the 21st and as you can see you only get the deed for 20 days and it says the end date is the is the 29th of January. the guy that currently owns the deed made a refund request and as the proof that he has shows that his deed starts at the 30th so what im thinking is that our deeds over lap or something weird but that is just proof that I didn't show for some reason in my first report. @Gregg


MRP Senior Administrator
MRP Senior Administrator
Forum Moderator
Jun 13, 2017
@DevulTj Will need to look into this as it pertains to the bug (or whatever happened) with the realtor deed system.
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