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Refund Request


New Member
Nov 28, 2018
In-Game Name: Aflred Binks
Steam Name: friskiemar^
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:69526868

Date and time of loss: 12/2/2018 @ 7pm ish

What happened: There was a raid happening, so we called the cops, cops came and took care of the raiders, next thing we know they're breaking down our doors to the penthouse, they barge in, tase me and cuff me and my friends. Then they break all my stuff. Hayden Diamond was the one that broke all my stuff, he used a desert eagle. I told them several times they cant do that and that its against the rules. I told them to leave but they wouldnt leave. I was offered money by the swat member that broke my door down for compensation but I declined because I wanted mods to take care of it. He offered 8k. DistantLegendGaming was the moderator that claimed my report and took care of the situation. He told me to make a refund request because it is out of his power to grant that. I hope you guys can help resolve this situation, thank you.

What do you need refunded: A small weed tent, a microwave, a foil machine, 5 pots, 5 almost completed weed plants (either the wet hash or seeds will be ok), and soil.

Evidence: https://streamable.com/vpsid
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MRP Senior Administrator
MRP Senior Administrator
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Aug 11, 2017
Miami Lakes, FL
I will look into this as Distant has been demoted.
Dec 26, 2017
United States of America
I remember this we were planning on raiding u guys, but the guy with the lockpick decided to mug the dude farming, in the process of mugging a detective(hayden) shot our dude in the back of the head from a distance without initation, which lead to gunfight. Dont know why they decided to raid u when we werent even inside.
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