Refund Request

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Monolith Newcomer
Feb 12, 2021
n-Game Name: Danny Bands
Steam Name: IceyLikeMyWrist
SteamID: 76561197997073762

Date and time of loss (specify the time zone): Mon 03/15 at 3:41 am CST
What happened: I was trying to sell Acrs to someone in Pine County Bank and after i pulled out them out of my inventory, he shot me and took the guns @Cecil Blake can confim based on him dropping acrs to his friend and then logging on. Got banned for 3 days for it.

What do you need refunded: 5 Acrs
Evidence: Screenshot below was right before he killed me. First time selling guns and I was scared.
Read, understood and followed refund request rules and guidelines?: yes


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