Regarding New Fear RP and FTVL

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Jul 21, 2018
I want to know the opinon of others and hopefully staff on this issue' So does the new Fear rp negate FTVL? Because if a weapon is directly pointed at you and you draw a weapon im sorry Realistically it would take a few millaseconds to pull a trigger. So I was wondering how that in all honesty worked? Are you just allowed to pull your weapon whenever or does he have to be aiming away for it to be in effect. Thanks <3
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Monolith Grinder
According to the rules, You can attempt to flee as long as it's less than 3 people. I believe it shouldn't be like this and for it to be 1 person and you only may attempt to flee if you have a weapon but if it is 3 people you may not draw a weapon. This would bring FTVL into light and make it so it won't conflict as much. This is similar to police IRL, they are armed so they draw it even if they are at gunpoint so it makes sense here, however, if there are multiple suspects he might be put under "Fear RP" and not draw his gun because of "Valuing his life".
I believe @ELIASS also pointed out this fact as FTVL and the new Fear RP rules collide hard with each other. Cause technically you could report someone for FTVL if they were under gunpoint at point blank but fled with no way to defend themselves but fear rp collides hard so it wont get accepted. Again, I believe they should adjust it a bit as @Tango said they weren't going to remove it.


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MRP Server Director
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Aug 11, 2017
Miami Lakes, FL
I keep seeing this so I guess I'll entertain this topic especially since FTVL is constantly brought up.

The changes to FearRP are very minor and tbh change the gameplay up a little bit. If you are in a 1v1 or 2v1, and you choose to flee, this is a decision made by the player. A decision, of course, that will have consequences depending on the scenario. I feel, as a staff member, players should be given more choice which is why I personally don't see TOO much issue with this change. While yes, it affects FTVL, I'd like to point out other contradictions to the FTVL rule...
  • Suicide: Players are currently allowed to kill themselves in RP, and especially if the other person in RP is in agreement with this. Would this not violate FTVL as well? This is a choice by the player, and if they want to kill themselves and deal with the cooldowns and NLR, well there you go.
  • Launching out of cars / Wreckless driving / Not wearing seatbelts: Players frequently drive wrecklessly on the server, especially in police chases. Another thing to note is that if they are not wearing seatbelts, they will be launched out of their car. Again this is a choice by the player in RP, and again it'd be FTVL to drive wrecklessly as you could easily lose your life, that is if you are not wearing a seatbelt. And even then, driving like a maniac and slamming into things will cause you to be killed.
  • Raiding: This one is very sensitive as it is the core of the RP here on Monolith. Would it not be FTVL to go into raids constantly, knowing at any point you can and will die? Those who value their life and want to preserve it would rather farm and mine for money, not rob the bank and kill the cops knowing at any point their life will be taken from them.
I list all these points because I think people need to realize that the gamemode, and some rules, contradict with FTVL heavily as you play. And all these points I have listed are player choices which can be made, or not be made, depending on the player. If you want to abide and save your life, you can. But if you run, and its within the rules, you can die. And that is your choice. So I see these changes in the rules perfectly finding a spot in the above list of player choices which affect FTVL.

And since this is an opinion piece, I as a staff member enjoy relaxed rules that ALLOW for choices to be made by the player. This server is unique, in that we choose to play how we want to. We can choose to play by the rules, be good, and do good. Or go against the law, and be a nuisance to society. With that, you can see where a more relax environment which isn't just "ruleplay" can open the doors for players and their unique playstyles. I know people will say "Ah man this will just encourage minge-behavior" but since we employed this change to the rules, I have yet to see it be abused. And nor have I seen anyone use this change to make the roleplay experience found on Monolith to be chaotic. People will work together more, I feel, if they want to enact FearRP on people by grouping up in three's. While those who mug 1 on 1 will see decisions being made by the opposite party, whether they comply and value their life, or flee/pull a gun and make a decision on their own life seeing what consequences truly are. I am certain the first few times you try to flee and die, you might start complying more. It's an interesting ploy, and I feel like this is less of a problem then some might see.
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