(Rob Santoro)Damp Eggplant's Confession

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Damp Eggplant

Mar 10, 2020
Hello Monolith Community,

I hope all of you are safe and well. I have something kind of personal to address that I think you guys should all hear. As many staff and even players may know I often get in pretty bad arguments and anger tantrums with many people. This is what I would like to address.

To put it in simple terms, the reason for this anger is my family. My family is very dysfunctional. Everyday we get into large fights and our family seems to be very divided between my twin, Dad, and I against my mother and older brother. Resultingly everyday sucks, I see people with functional families, and I often get depressed and jealous. As my mother is the leader of my family, it is very hard to voice any greivances or complaints, thus anger builds up inside me and when I play video game it comes out often, since I now am able to yell without my mother's interference(I'm not justifying the yelling btw). As someone that suffers from diagnosed Depression and anxiety, this is very hard for me to deal with. But Monolith seemed to accept me almost instantly. Monolith, although sounding corny, as legitimately become a second family to me. People acknowledge my existence and actually like me; Monolith gives my life value.

Now that y'all are provided with the context, I would like to apologize to all whether they are the admins Tesk, Asiandkool, or Gregg(any many others I have argued with) or players like Tyrone Tipp and others. My anger flares up when and I say things I don't mean and I get really worked up. I just really wanted to apologize to the community as a whole for acting like a dick. Therefore, I would also like to say that if I ever do say bad things, just know I do not actually mean them and the anger is coming from another conflict not an in-game one. I am working very hard to fix this problem of mine and I appreciate the Monolith community helping me, through chill players and admins. And to all those I have sinned against, I just want to ask for your forgiveness.


MRP Moderator
MRP Moderator
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Aug 7, 2019
Sad to hear that.. Like @Tuko said, we are all here for you. Contact one of us if you ever feel like you need to talk to someone.

Green Gatorade Water Bottle

Monolith Senior
Dec 29, 2017
Sorry to hear that Rob, like Tuko and Mak said, there are a lot of us in the Monolith community who are here for you if you ever need someone to talk too.
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Monolith Grinder
Jul 30, 2017
Colorado, United States of America
Remove mental illness stigmas. Personally have been dealing with depression and anxiety since I was 11 and felt incredibly sick everyday I woke up and couldn’t really make it to school. Resorted to substances at a young age but I’m 1 year and 2 months sober now and feel pretty good. It gets better brother, especially the medication, you just gotta get it leveled and be honest about how you feel on it. I wish you luck with your struggles, HMU if you ever wanna talk.


Monolith Pleb
Dec 3, 2019
never any hard feelings dude! hope all is well

Jamal Hisin

Monolith Grinder
Feb 24, 2019
Mad respect for owning up and talking about your mental health. Never forget you always got friends on Monolith. Much love bro <3