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Monolith Rookie
Aug 17, 2021
In-Game Name: Terry Mcdoland
Steam Name: herg
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:60446712

Date and time of loss (specify the timezone): 11:12 PMT 3/27/22 m/d/y
What happened: I was trying to depo my 14 lockpicks into my bank cause I didn't want to split them into 1 cause I was trying to get my friend out of handcuffs fast and successfully unhandcuffed him but a zombie came out of nowhere and started killing us I managed to escape to the bank and accidently dropped my 14 lockpicks instead of unequipping and putting them in my bank. I picked them up but the zombie killed me, I return from the hospital and I only have 1 lockpick in my inventory.

What do you need refunded: 13 lockpicks
Evidence: Video is too long and medal wont let me upload it I would be happy to screen share it through discord as soon as possible.
Read, understood and followed refund request rules and guidelines?: yes


Community Manager
Community Manager
Forum Moderator
Nov 3, 2019
You need to make an player report first before anything can be refunded.

Not open for further replies.