MRP Security CCTV

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Monolith Newcomer
Oct 3, 2018
Description of suggestion: I am suggesting that security guards have access to the CCTV in both layer 1, and 2 bank as well as the power plant. whether or not its a stationary item (like what the CCTV is currently like in PD) or something that is implemented in the mono tablet either or is good.
Reason why it should be added
: I think this would be a great thing to add because currently only people in the police department can view the CCTV inside bank and power plant which doesn't make much sense because they don't have keys to it. so i think that Bank security the ones who are employed to protect property's like that should have some sort of access to the CCTV .
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MRP Administrator
MRP Administrator
Marketing Team
Event Team
MRP Recruitment Team
Police Training
Jul 9, 2018
America's Microwave
+support. I feel the PD having more access to these resources will allow for better RP within the job itself.
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MRP Senior Administrator
MRP Senior Administrator
Media Creator
MRP Recruitment Team
Police Training
Jan 22, 2019
Minnesnowta, US
There is CCTV for the Power Plant. Its the 2nd (?) room in from the main entrance on the left. But it would be swag to have one for the bank.
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