Some Rules Are In Grey Area

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Jun 9, 2018
I personally feel like some of the rules on this server are in the grey area for example "You need a valid rp reason to kill somebody" well if you think about it i might think that this is a vaid rp reason but if a staff member does not think its not then you get punish. I feel like this is unfair because i want to know the rules fully but with this rule you could say anything is not valid rp reason, i feel like the rules need to be more clear than just that because it ends up getting a lot of people in trouble for something you should not be getting in trouble for. If needed i could pull more rules to show you how much the rules are in the grey area.

Rules In Grey Area
1. You may not kill or knock out players without a valid In-Character reason.
4. Attacking to kill should be carried out sensibly and not as a first resort, unless you have a good reason for immediate lethal action.
1. You must abide by realistic roleplay measures. If something you are doing is illogical in a real life situation, then you can’t do it on the server.
6.You may not perform random searches unless you have reasonable suspicions or concrete evidence of crimes being committed. Law Enforcement may search a player in custody for their safety, or if it is required to establish the identification of a player in custody. Furthermore, relevant authorities may search players in special zones, such as inside the PD or Mayor's Office or during special events.

Def of grey rules- To describe something that has no clear definition or meaning, such as the term 'a grey/gray area', which is often used to mean a point between right and wrong, or that falls outside rules.​
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Mar 22, 2020

I've been randomly searched by cops sooooo many times you can't imagine. And nothing happens, no action is taken by the staff most of times. It's very disappointing.
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