[Spreadsheet] Gun Crafting Spreadsheet (Public Release)

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Monolith Grinder
Jul 15, 2017
Florida, United States of America
Ultimate Gun Crafting Spreadsheet

After some debate I've decided to publicly release my spreadsheet. My schedule has become too busy to run a business on Monolith, and when I'm on I'll be taking tickets/on duty. This is my gift to all those who want to run a successful gun crafting business. This spreadsheet will likely remain updated for all gun crafting recipes in the future, as @Mark regularly uses it to balance recipes.

There are controls at the bottom that will allow you to configure several facets of your business. They are very simple to use and have been made as simple as possible for your use. The cost and profit sheet will be your main screen, and the controls will allow you to fully understand where your costs are, and where you should focus to maximize your profits for up to 8 hours of grinding. Please note: Much of this pricing is based off of an ore chunk PURCHASE model. This means you do not mine your own ore, but purchase the chunks from miners. These prices can be found on the ore/weapon pricing sheet where Price Per Stack will dictate how much you should pay for a stack of 16 of that specific ore. If you stick to that purchase model, your profit margins should be relatively accurate when you include rent costs. (Ignore stated stack size on that sheet. It factors in how a stack of 16 will convert to 64 of refined ore)


Control Guide
Bar Smelt Cost: This is a feature that allows you to factor in the cost of paying another player to do only the smelting for you on a factory. Default: Off

Rent Cost Toggle: This feature allows you to factor your rent cost into your profit margins. Default: $2,500

Gun Price Multiplier: This will allow you to compensate for a loss in margin if you're paying someone to smelt, or if rent goes up. In general, you want to keep your profit margins at 75% for gun crafting to be relatively competitive with other methods of earning money. Default: 1

Discount Amount (%): If you are making an order for a customer who wants a discount, this is where you will input that discount. Default: None

Shipment Size: Self explanatory. You can make the spreadsheet show you requirements for a larger shipment of weapons. Default: 1

Crushers In Operation: If you have multiple crushers running, this will modify based on that metric. Default: 1

Factories In Operation: If you have multiple factories running, this will modify based on that metric. Default: 1


If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact me here on this thread, on Steam, or on Discord.​


Monolith Grinder
This is one damn clean spreadsheet if I've ever seen one
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MRP Server Director
MRP Server Director
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Report Management
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MRP Recruitment Team
Aug 11, 2017
Miami Lakes, FL
Thank you for the information.