staff report - Austin Hunter

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Monolith Newcomer
Dec 22, 2018
Your Steam Name: TomasTon
Your Steam ID: 76561198283225722
Your Character Name (If Applicable): Mark Lorren

Admin being reported( Tag by writing @ before their forum name): @Austin Hunter

Reason for Report: I was banned earlier by Austin hunter for prop spawning in a vehicle. This is something that I have been banned for before and I understand that it's something I shouldn't do. However I was banned for a month, I didn't kill or even damage anyone with my prop, however this is not a ban appeal it's a staff report as I feel like I have been wronged by Austin, the available staff on the server. Austin was ignoring a previous report I made on a police officer who rdmed a lieutenant, then rdmed me after I reported the crime to the captain, he called me a snitch and killed me (I was rdmed right in front of the captain, evidence 1), after that I made the report. When I respawn and step out of the hospital, the same police officer starts to baton me and knocks me for no reason, at this point I am 100% sure Austin was watching but just ignored it because 30 seconds later (after I rise up from being knocked), I spawn a prop inside a car and instantly Austin grabs me and freezes me in the sky for quite some time before banning me for a month, not even an admin sit, evidence 2.
I just feel like whenever something wrong and unfair happened to me he just watched it and ignored it but when I did something wrong he was right there and quick to ban me, and for the such a small thing and for a very long time. Again I understand what I did is wrong and that I have done it in the past but I feel like I have also been wronged here. In addition to that I witnessed Austin freezing a guy in the sky and then dropping him (killing the guy), evidence 3. In summary: Austin Hunter: ignoring reports and watches me being brutalized by police, but very quick to enforce when I do wrong/banning for long time/abusing moderator power

Evidence to support your claim: 1:
, 2:
Time of Occurrence: today around 1-2 hours ago (from writing this)
Additional members involved/witnessing: the guy who got dropped from the sky (don't know his name).
Read, understood and followed staff report rules?: Yes
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Austin Hunter

Monolith Veteran
Oct 30, 2021
Okay here we go

Evidence 1:
During this situation I was not watching as you can see the entire Police force is being "mingey". I was handling another players report. You are correct however that I was watching most of these situations and did demote multiple officers and issue multiple warning points. In regards to E1, I will not be explaining any further as I am not required to handle any specific sit nor did I have any responsibility to intervene in this exact situation. In face, Marwan was also there with me handling the situation as well.

Evidence 2:
I do not know what you are proving here... It appears to be the same as in E1. If I do recall this one though by looking at the furnace, it was being grabbed and did damage multiple vehicle's and a police officer. Technically should not have happened and yeah I agree that was a rule break but again... I am not involved in this situation. It should also be noted I did nothing to you the first time you spawned a prop into a car which was when I was trying to find out who spawned it. You easily could have been hit by any of the cops for that as you were actively causing damage to lives and property.

Evidence 3:
The player in question was using a voice modulation software. I told him to get rid of that and he said no. I told him he would get in trouble if he continued using it. He began utilizing the modulation (a very high pitch annoying tone/moan) I dropped him to slay him so he couldn't continue it. If you had posted the full video you would see that the player in question was banned very shortly after and the death was a temporary fix for that issue.

Unrelated: You already knew you were going to get in trouble as you came off of a ban for the same thing just a few days ago. That being said when something is bad enough that we must ban you for it again. Well, then the ban increases.


Community Director
Community Director
Dec 3, 2016

I don't understand what you are reporting here: You made a report and should have waited for a staff member to deal with it. Yet, you decided to break rules and were punished for it accordingly by Austin.

As for the last situation where Austin slayed the player, the situation is not related to this report nor were you part of it. According to Austin, the player decided to play a high pitch and annoying noise and failed to stop when asked, so he was killed in order to stop it.

No misuse of administrative powers in this situation.
Staff report denied.
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