Staff Report on Naniel

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Monolith Specialist
Jul 6, 2018
Your Steam Name: Maj.Kat
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:16596550 / 76561197993458828
Your Character Name (If Applicable): Deshawn Jamalkins

Admin being reported: @naniel

Reason for Report: 2 Warning Points for RDM - My vehicle was being towed by a police tow truck driver and I told someone that I would give them 5k if they could make him "disappear" or be "put down", I gave him 5k and he unexpectedly popped some shots at him but did not kill him and was pinched by the vehicle. I then was warranted for doing whatever, I am not sure if the tow truck driver heard and called it on the radio or there was an apparent officer nearby. However, all of this was explained in the sit to Naniel. He said me asking for someone's death was failrp so me being warranted never should have happened, which may or may not have been the reason I was warranted. Soon after I was warranted I was on the run from the cops and was at a high-stakes situation, not only could I have been arrested on sight but I needed my car released so I could flee. I warned him several times to drop my car and leave since I was wanted and he refused to so I killed him. I feel like the situation gave me a reason to kill him since I was wanted and needed my car dropped, he is an officer and if he realized I was wanted he would have arrested me or called over the radio, as he is obligated to do. Naniel also did a bad job explaining why he was giving me a punishment since the only thing he was doing was typing instead of using voice chat and he basically did not want to answer my questions in the sit. He stated that it was against the rules to tell someone else to kill somebody, but he didn't want to show me where it said that I suppose, even though it really should be the person. But I am not completely sure if that is a rule or not currently.

If Naniel prefers to handle this himself I can instead make a warning appeal if he would like to reconsider his decision, but I do not believe he has the intention of changing his mind.

Time of Occurrence: 11 PM EST
Evidence to support your claim: @naniel

Additional members involved/witnessing:
Read, understood and followed staff report rules?: Y


Monolith Pleb
Jul 12, 2017
Las Vegas

From the situation on May 2nd, 2022, your car was being towed by John Connor & you were telling him to unhook it and drop it. After he said no you then advertise asking if somebody could take money to be put down or if they could make them disappear. Now, you know who you were talking about, you & Don Tobino both were there and knew your target, now how is it "unexpected" of Don Tobino taking out a gun and start shooting at the tow truck driver in front of you after you give him $5,000 and ask him to be put down? You didn't stop him from shooting at the tow truck driver. There isn't anything unexpecting of that..

Now after that advertisement, you were warranted for it so you take out your gun and demand he gets out and you end up killing him for not doing so. Now I warned you for RDM & copbaiting. Keep in mind you put a bounty on the tow truck driver and you had absolutely no KOS on him. The advertisement was an excuse to get warranted so you could kill him yourself. & you did so seconds after being warranted. The situation was not dire as you explain it to be, over-exaggeration & an excuse to get your car back.

In conclusion, Maj.Kat you knew what you were doing & you didn't own up to it so I gave you 1 warning point for RDM & Copbaiting not 2. If you also had a problem with it you could've messaged me through discord. I apologize for not explaining correctly what you were getting in trouble for, it was late night.

  1. You may not harm a Tow Truck Driver for towing or impounding you, your friend's or organization/party member's vehicle. In addition, you may not harm a Tow Truck Driver for previously towing or impounding you, your friend's or organization/party member's vehicle.
  2. Cop Baiting - The act of excessively provoking Law Enforcement for the sole purpose of having them chase you or incite some other reaction from them for your own mere enjoyment.
Best Regards,


Monolith Specialist
Jul 6, 2018
Alright, I can say this situation was fair. Although I did not entirely realize that player would end up shooting at the tow truck driver, that is pretty much irrelevant. I can see how the advertisements can be seen as cop baiting even though I just wanted this guy killed, I thought using the words "put him down" would be rather discrete. Honestly, I did not expect to get warranted at all and that was just something that happened that I didn't entirely anticipate. I do believe everything after the warrant was valid; for example, me killing the tow truck driver while I was warranted since I needed my car back.

Since I was warranted for a reason that arose from cop bait and then it seemed like I found an excuse to kill an officer after was understandable, and I can totally see how that situation should have been completely invalid since the warrant should not have happened.

Even though I was completely oblivious to how that situation would play out, I do understand why I was given a warning point for RDM, I just did not realize cop baiting was a part of it either. I just felt like you were quick to make a decision and return me. Looking back on the situation I completely understand your judgment in issuing me warning points.

I believed this can be declined and closed.


Monolith Specialist
Apr 7, 2020

Thank you for your report. After speaking with Naniel about this situation quite extensively, I was able to determine the following:

As it pertains to your vehicle being towed,

Server Rules [Player versus Player] 2.2.11 states:
  1. You may not harm a Tow Truck Driver for towing or impounding you, your friend's or organization/party member's vehicle. In addition, you may not harm a Tow Truck Driver for previously towing or impounding you, your friend's or organization/party member's vehicle.
Therefore, hiring a hitman to kill this Tow Truck Driver for towing or impounding you, would still fall under this rule.

As for the warrant,

05/02/2022, 7:16:35 PMCommunicationDeshawn Jamalkins (Maj.Kat) (STEAM_0:0:16596550) (828) ran chat command: "/ad" - "I have 5,000 dollars for whoever "puts down" ryan brian at gamecountry"

There is very little room to misconstrue this request, therefore, the warrant is seemingly justified. Beyond that, as unnecessary as this interaction with the Tow Truck Driver appears to be, I would also agree with Naniel that this can be considered Cop Baiting. It would have been cheaper to retrieve the vehicle from impound.

I do not see any misconduct or abuse of powers from Naniel, I do apologize if you feel that Naniel did a "bad" job in his explanation of the rules. To clarify: we do allow this type of RP to occur, wherein the person ordering a "hit" would be required to have a valid RP reason to do so. However, both parties need to be fully aware of the RP reason. In the case where a rule break occurs both the person ordering this "hit" and the individual carrying out said act would be at fault for the rule break. In this case, you violate PvP Rule 11 (see above) wherein the Tow Truck Driver cannot be harmed for simply towing your vehicle.

Staff report denied.
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