[Staff Ruling] FearRP Grey Zone

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Jul 27, 2018
Disclaimer: This report does not involve the intention to get any admin/player involved in trouble. This post only serves to allow for a discussion and a ruling regarding the situation presented.

Your Steam Name: shiba
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:60718956
Your Character Name (If Applicable): Daniel Wright

Admin being reported: @SpacedSloth

Reason for Report:

The first video will allow for background on the situation. Essentially, I was being raided by an unknown individual, so I decide to leave my apartment in order to investigate the surrounding area. Prior to investigating, I called for the police numerous times (at least 5-7) to wait for additional backup, but to no avail. Once I left my apartment, I drew my firearm in case the person was in the vicinity. As soon as I round the corner, I spot a player wielding a knife. My first instinct is to immediately back up and regain my composure, firing a couple rounds in the process. I then charge around the corner and attempt to subdue the target, thinking that he might've surrendered under the power of my obvious weapon of choice. Instead, I was charged once more, being put down in the progress. I took to the server rules to locate the section regarding FearRP, and noticed this...

  • 3. You may not draw any weapon or run away when someone has you at gunpoint or in striking distance of a melee weapon, unless the roleplay of both parties allows otherwise.
My first thought was of how I fired at him numerous times and his failure to submit to my higher firepower. "This has to be it..." I thought to myself. I proceeded to contact a staff member to explain my situation. Which you will later see in the video where it showcases the aftermath.

Time of Occurrence: Roughly between 6:30-8:00
Evidence to support your claim:

Additional members involved/witnessing: Aforementioned Staff, Unnamed Player

The reason I posted this thread (as also mentioned in the video) is to spark conversation regarding this rule. I lost roughly a couple thousands during this attack--that I possibly could've gotten back had the rule been more effectively explained. I understand that even staff members are unsure of this rule and would like to see it rephrased or perhaps rewritten.

Thanks a ton @SpacedSloth for not only being an understanding dude who actively assists players, but also a constructive member of the community who also seeks to improve it by suggesting to make changes in the rules.

No matter how this post goes, I'll still grind to get my things back in action! Thanks for reading.
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