Steam summer sale quick guide

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Senior Member
Aug 24, 2017
Incase you haven't known yet theres an event which you can participate in the steam summer sale

Basically front page and click the race thingy with the cars

Now join the corgi team

Before you do anything complete the drivers manual

Then scroll at the bottom were can you see "Recently played games"

Now select the game that you have most points in and click the red button

Now you have 2 Choices

Either spend 15k points for a 5$ voucher or....

Redeem it on levels

I'd go on levels tbh because i had level 23 today and now it's 46 so yea

Scroll up and click on the pit stop

Now invest in either the vouchers or the grand prix badge

If you are wondering yes GO FOR THE BADGE, why go for the badge?
Easy levels
And because theres a max capacity of how many points you can boost
You can upgrade it by spending money on games
Basically 1$ spent on the game you bought = 100 increase in points
So therfore you have to buy a 60$ game to increase it by 6000 so not worth it

Anyways good luck
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