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May 24, 2019
Somewhere... still trying to figure it out

you have been warned... (click on the paragraph for it to show up)

So in the end of stranger things 3 we see Hopper get vaporized by the big machine the Russians were powering under starcourt mall in Hawkins... or so we thought. Hopper is most likely STILL ALIVE! That’s right, the sad note eleven wrote, Joyce and Hoppers date they never got, and the tears we shed for eleven are not needed! Well how is Hopper still alive?! We saw what happen to the people in the hazmat suits! Well, if you look closely you get a view of the machine as Joyce pulls the keys to blow it up. However just like my family you were probably looking for hopper on the scaffolding to see him blow up, but you didn’t see him there. Guess what, there are 2 ways Hopper escaped the blast and is still alive. First of all, in one scenes you can see a ladder that hopper could have easily climbed down to protect himself. Second and the most probable outcome was he went into the upside down, and already came out. In earlier seasons and episodes Eleven gets thrown into the upside down after killing the demogorgon with her powers. She then came out through one of the portals in the upside down that leads into the real world. How does this relate to hopper? Hopper went into the upside and came out the same way eleven did, but where did he come out? He was found my the Russians in the upside down, as you can see in the post credit scene of the last episode we are shown the Russians have ANOTHER facility in Russia. In this facility is a prison, and they also own a demogorgon of themselves. They take prisoners and feed the prisoners to the demogorgon. We are shown them going through this process, however when they choose a prisoner one of the guards goes to open a door but his buddy says “No not the American”. This means that Hopper was captured by the Russians after all, this obviously is good and bad. It’s said filming for ST4 will start October, and if you check out David Harbours instagram (Hopper) you can see his started growing out a beard. This is most likely for the filming. So, we will see if this all true when ST4 comes out, which I’m expecting sometime around Thanksgiving next year because Mike says he will be meeting the Byers family (including Eleven since she was adopted by Joyce) on Thanksgiving.
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Didn't read this but you sent me this in dm's. I approve this theory
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Senior Member
Jun 24, 2017
I will only support this theory if you somehow work in a part that explains how Alexie is still alive, thanks.
I will only support this theory if you somehow work in a part that explains how Alexie is still alive, thanks.
Oh, he's alive. Sucking melted ice that's tastes like cherry from 7/11 into his mouth.
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New Member
Aug 6, 2019
It’s one hell of a never ending story I’ll tell you that see what I did there ..lmfao ;)
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May 1, 2019
it's all a dream, that's my theory


Monolith Addict
Didnt read it but that's just a theory..