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MRP Moderator
MRP Moderator
Police Supervisor
Jun 12, 2021
Type of feedback: Suggestion

Title: Supermarket stock items

Links, videos, context (we love more information, media, etc.): N/A


My suggestion is to add more items to the supermarket NPC it doesn't make much sense how the "supermarket" doesn't carry simple things like cheese, tomatoes bread, etc I get that farming exists but if I want to make a pizza I shouldn't be forced to farm for 30+ mins to get enough crops to make a pizza. Farming should be still used yes but if I want to skip the farming time at the cost of some extra cash I should be able to do so, I feel the ability to simply purchase these items will make players be more open to the idea of opening restaurants, etc. (passive RP) but currently, it just isn't viable given the amount of time needed to farm then cook the food.


Monolith Veteran
Dec 29, 2018
Allow players (most likely new) to sell their crops to the NPC for an actual decent price which then gives the stock until server restarts.
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