The Black Hand

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Matt Jenkins

Monolith Newcomer
Jan 5, 2018
The Black Hand
We are the Black Hand. Originally formed as small gang with origins tracing back to Rockford, we have since evolved into an exclusive high-class syndicate. Our members consist of wealthy like-minded individuals with the common goal of cooperation and profit. We place the safety of our members above all else and will not tolerate dissent or any opposition from other organizations. If you are not an ally, then you are a threat. Unification or death.


  • Do not kill, mug, or harass any other organization members or allies.
  • The Master Hand has the final say in any matter. Do not argue with high ranking members.
  • Try to base with other organization members! There is strength in numbers.
  • Do not initiate combat or war on other organizations without contacting The Master Hand first. (kick-able offence)
  • Do not bait other organizations. (kickable offence)

Organization Ranks:


Matt Jenkins

The Right-Hand Men (Admins)
Jack Mes
Ryan Palmtree
Beric Bandre

Black Hand Members:
Anthony King
Nolan Ross

Associates and Allied Players


Level 50+
At least 50k in bank
Own at least 2 guns (of any kind)


Screenshot of inventory with evidence of requirements:
Past Organizations you have been in:

If you are accepted you will receive an invite within 2-3 days.

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