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Damp Eggplant

Mar 10, 2020
Your Steam Name: Damp Eggplant
Your Steam ID:
Your Character Name (If Applicable): Rob Santoro

Admin being reported( Tag by writing @ before their forum name) @Thegamingshain

Reason for Report: Interrupting rules/police bias/lack of rule knowledge
Time of Occurrence: 10:25 est
Evidence to support your claim: I was in a situation in which there were two cops making me drop some ores- one cop was metagaming and first of all not being silenced or told to rp, when they un handcuff me I try stabbing one - as the rules permit(you are always allowed to attack players who aim straight at you - independent of how many they are.)- i get killed and then i get revived by staff for no reason other than them supposedly thinking i broke rp- mid situation, without any discussion, he just gives me a warning pt for failrp(MID SITUATION!!!), I then proceed to be shot and revived 2 times while shain just watches. I finally drop the stuff and get imprisoned.

All he had to do was pull up the rule he thought he knew and the situation was over- but since I know the rules unlike him(you are always allowed to attack players who aim straight at you - independent of how many they are.) I continued to resist.

In conclusion-
1. He gave me a punishment without discussion and mid situation
2. He allowed officers to kill me over and over again
3. He allowed other officers to metagame(a cop main himself)
(10:20 PM) Somebody says "Maybe we should call staff." - wanted to call staff to check what i stole since the owner of the base was dead
"(10:21 PM) Somebody says "The owner of the porto of boxer is pming me."
(10:22 PM) Somebody says "Can you persued him."
(10:22 PM) Somebody says "Cause if he dies."
(10:22 PM) Somebody says "He keeps it."
(10:22 PM) Somebody says "Its what he wants."

4.He obviously does not know the rule I pasted- you are always allowed to attack players who aim straight at you - independent of how many they are

He also threatened to ban me for a day. 70 players on a night and he threatens to ban me- a server wont survive of you ban them all especially the ones that didnt do anything

Additional members involved/witnessing: @HuskyD0G although he was the one that broke rules as well im sure he has vid of this all
Read, understood and followed staff report rules?:y


MRP Administrator
MRP Administrator
Marketing Team
Event Team
MRP Recruitment Team
Police Command
Nov 3, 2019
Hey @Damp Eggplant,

You received a WP for breaking FearRP, you refused to drop the the weapons after two cops had guns pointed at you, you equipped your machete and attacked the officers, I revive you and told you that you have broken FearRP, and issued you an WP. You then say I'm interrupting an RP situation after i have told you we're in a staff sit. After I told you the rule, you try to delay the sit by comparing the ruleset. While you were delaying the sit, I told you, you were gonna receive an day ban for not listening to staff.

  1. You may not draw or equip your weapon while under FearRP by at least two or more players. FearRP applies when you are exposed to at least two or more held (actively held, not in holster/on back) weapons, whereof at least one is directly pointed at you / off safety.


MRP Server Director
MRP Server Director
Forum Moderator
Event Team
MRP Recruitment Team
Nov 12, 2018
Since there are two separate stories here without video evidence this report cannot be processed.

The situation that @Thegamingshain described would be a valid rulebreak and he would have every right and duty to step in and give an appropriate punishment. You cannot equip a weapon while actively under FearRP.

Staff report denied.
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