Things i would like to see in the server

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Josh Welks

New Member
Nov 30, 2017
United Kingdom
Introduction: All things i'm going to say are my opinion/idea and i'm not saying this would improve the server as the server is in an amazing state at the moment but they are things i would kinda wish to have one day.

1) A gun store raid, as like the bank you can raid it but it is quite different, there is a small room in the back of the gun store and there could be a safety deposit boxes like in the bank, where if you pick them you can get gun parts, ammo, pistols etc, and also there is a safe that is drill-able but it may have better things in it like class 3's etc this would be handy for the lazy gun-makers on the server and would be a decent way to get guns as a new player.

2) A skill point tab that contains lots of different categories such as farming, mining, general, criminal, etc. there would be 5 skill-point buys on each skill set and you buy the skill-points with in game money.
I might be blabbering on but lets say for farming there is a drop down menu that contains a set of skills like, faster crop growth, higher water bar, faster watering e.g and there are 5 skills on each one like for faster crop growth would increase by 5% every time you buy a skill upgrade but each time you pay the money x2 so for the first skill you buy it is $1000 then the 2nd is $2000 then the 3rd $4000 and the 5th $8000, if you don't understand what i mean then move on as it is quite a confusing one i thought about but it is used in games like unturned yet instead of skill-points you use money.

3) Black market, instead of the monomarket you use a different place to sell your class 3's, drugs etc.

4) New cars, the old cars are getting overused and everyone has every car, i would love to see some more LW cars or even others!

5) Ability to eat in jail and do tasks even when guards are not active, the amount of times i have been at 1hp and also can't lower my time in jail as the doors are locked is kinda boring.

6) A chop shop to where you steal a car and take it to a guy for money and you receive 2% of the original cars value so if you sell a 10k car you only get $200 yet if you sell a 1 mil car you get 20k etc- this would be kinda aids, but if you gave it more time and a little work it could be a good addition.

7) Police whitelist and yes you saw this coming but most of the cops on the server take none of the recent training into consideration and most don't attend and are just corrupt, so if there was to be a whitelist kick all cops below level 90 police and keep others, to apply you have to take a discord interview with a staff member/police main and pass it.

8) Add undercover cars as actual cars in the police force to make detectives etc more undercover, when i see a guy in a white ford explorer i know it is a detective yet if that same car was in the car dealer then i would be a little more weary.

9) The casino chip limit changed from 50k to 100k per bet, i just think this would be more exciting for the high rollers.

10) This is a bit weird but a spin to win every month, so at the start of every month you have a wheelspin and you can get money, xp, guns, etc and make the chances very slim so everyone does not get good stuff. so like a 20% chance to get 10k or 20k xp or a ump and a 60% chance to get like 1k, 5k xp, m1911 and like a 1% chance to get 100k or something like that.

11) A tab that shows the top 10 people who have the most money, kills, time on the server etc

12) Accertly and xstweart to be Admin

Thanks for reading to the end most of these are under thought by me but i had to just write them down as i thought of them, feel free to change and add to my ideas and thanks again!



Active Member
May 1, 2019
Good sugestions, i would like to add that the number 3 is already on the plans to be implemented something like in the future. check trello

Niko Belic

Jun 22, 2017
#9 Whitelist for cops sounds like a fantastic idea, however, the police force would dip severely. Not saying cops don't understand what they are doing, just the availability for staff to do "interviews" to whitelist them would be demanding. The addition of a new role in discord for the training / interviewing of police would be the same, it would depend on the player's timezone, if they are busy, for both parties really. We already have a leveling system in the Law Enforcement area that takes a considerable amount of time to climb, giving staff and players to spot minges.
(Im doing these out of order cause why not)

#8 Detectives can already bring out their own vehicles if that has not changed. Just cannot participate in traffic stops (both non-felony and felony) and chases.

#7 Maybe I just read it wrong, but, drugs can already be sold to the drug dealer NPCs. Class 3's, however, cannot be sold to any NPC. But, in reality, it's easy to sell them. Just send out a few adverts like "Selling Exotic Honey Badger from SE Asia" hinting the sale of honey badgers or whatever other creative ADs you might use to conceal the sale of illegal firearms. The Monomarket, I will admit, is not a first for me to buying guns. I find they are usually double the typical price on there.

#1 Sounds quite interesting, not gonna lie. Introducing another type of loot would be fun. I believe we use a Payday 2 mod for the looting atm, so, I wouldn't doubt the mod also has 'Gun Parts' or "Assault Rifles" in Payday 2. The Gun store might need some changes to let robbers leave through another entrance than just the front door, which is a lot to ask. But, honestly, it would be impossible without people in the raid outside the gunstore.
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Jul 7, 2018
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Wrong subforum and format for suggestions, locked

Also please make proper thread titles
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