This is a serious discussion (Poll)

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Lasagna or Pizza

  • Lasagna

  • Pizza

  • None, I am allergic to cheese/don't like either

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Monolith Pleb
Jul 21, 2018
lets be real here. Lasagna is just really thicc pizza.


Monolith Grinder
Lasagna or pizza

(get clickbaited)
Alright, ima about to go into some serious depth here.
So pizza tastes really good, you can put a ton of different toppings on it depending on the person and it will taste different in many different ways. You can definitely get a lot more combinations in pizza as it is kinda hard to fuck up bread, sauce, and cheese, however it also means that people order the weirdest shit with their pizza. You also gotta remember that pizza is a very fast cooked meal, it also has a mountain of grease, I am pretty sure pizza accounts for some of the obesity rate in the US. We literally have pizza joints that shit out pies of grease for pocket change that people eat by themselves.
Now let's talk about lasagna. There isnt much going into lasagna depending on who is cooking it, however lasagna has a ton more soul put in by the chef than a pizza ever would. My grandma will most likely make a different lasagna than Lola's mom however they taste different because that person cooked it the way they wanted to which makes the meal all the more filling. Lasagna also gives you a lot more healthier options incase your on a diet, which also means you get some unique versions of it. Lasagna also tastes really good both hot and cold, depending on what is in it which makes it all the more better. One last thing, you can actually eat lasagna at a party and not have any issues with people asking wtf your eating pizza at a more "formal" party (sitting at the table meal)
Now, which do I prefer? Short answer: it depends on the mood, but majority of the time I'd take lasagna.
Long answer: Reason being that I feel like pizza has no soul unless you get like a real unique one from like kongos and also it is very hard to eat it days on end unless you wanna put up a couple pounds. Lasagna on the other hand tastes really good and as I said, depending on the person it can change in different ways, not to mention it also goes really good with different sides. If I hadn't had one in a long time I'd take one over the other however not both all the time.

Now, the real question is: Was it necessary to write a paragraph answer.
Short answer: Yesmaybeishnot?


Jan 24, 2018
United States
Now hold on just a minute pardner, I beg to differ.
I love me some lasagna, don't get me wrong. But pizza isn't just a soulless mountain of grease. Pizza is a triangular gift from the gods. Layer one is that nice bread. Not too hard, not too soft, not too hot, and not too warm. Then you have a magical lake of essence on layer two, the sauce. The red delicious blood of Jesus Christ himself. We're not done. Layer three... the many different cheeses you can choose. Personally, I go with mozzarella. An unlimited amount of layers can exist after three. That's what makes pizza so great, it's easily customizable to be anything you want in such a short amount of time. Taco pizza, nacho pizza, pineapple pizza, anything you can think of can be put on a pizza.

But yeah I like lasagna over pizza.


Sep 1, 2017
lasagna is like a pooped out version of pizza in a minecraft world
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A Sack O' Salt

MRP Moderator
MRP Moderator
Dec 10, 2017