This just in! The MPD's Head Detective, Myrtle Skyrtle, Is Back From Holiday Vacation! She Reports Beginning Work on a Dedicated Detective List!

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Stabby Stabby

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Apr 25, 2019
When Myrtle got back from vacation, she requested an interview with the MonoNews. Saying, quote, "Hai! I'm back from vacation! I wanna have an interview to announce work on an unofficial D.D.L (Dedicated Detective List)!".
We were stoked to finally talk to her.
Interviewer Don T. Careington started with, "Hey! We hear that the MPD is getting a D.D.L? What is it?"
"Hey, Don! The D.D.L stands for Dedicated Detective List and is used to give details, personal conducts, and callouts for use by people that main detective."
"That seems cool, Myrtle! What kind of impact will this have on civilians, the MPD, and the state as a whole?"
"Well, most detectives don't have callouts, and aren't as good at some things as other detectives are, making it tricky to get a specific detective whilst keeping radio chatter to a minimum. For civilians, there should be absolutely no impact, other then making detectives better and more strategic. For the MPD this should reduce radio chatter, make detectives better and more strategic, and all in all make detectives more useful!"
"Seems pretty useful! How do detectives get callouts? How do they give a personal code of conduct?"
"Well, all a detective has to do is go to my D.D.L database, and choose a callout, and make a form stating what kind of detective they play as, as well as conducts they work by. They can then send me the info via my dms, and I will jot it down by the end of the week, making them ready for strategic detective work!"
"Well, Myrtle, this seems pretty straight forward, when do you expect to be able to have it ready?"
"That's the tricky part, I can't actually start until more detectives sign up for the D.D.L. I do, however, expect this to be ready in about a week or so!"
"Okay, Myrtle, that's all the time we have, and all the info the Detectives would want! Wait! One last thing, couldn't civilians use this to know who is and isn't a detective?"
"Nope! The detectives have to use the police radio to actually say their name that links to the callout, and once they say so, they can use the callout, without worrying about people knowing their names! Over the radio, the detective must ONLY be addressed by their callout, so the risk of blowing their cover is virtually gone! They can also, if they please, change their callout once per day!"
"Cool! Okay, Myrtle, I must be going now! Good luck getting this D.D.L up and running!"
So, detectives of Monoford, get right to SnuggleLove's dms and sign up!

Have a great day!


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Oct 1, 2017
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