Thy Staff Report

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benjamin t

New Member
Dec 31, 2018
Your Steam Name: Benjamin Welper
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:64463026
Your Character Name (If Applicable): John Welper

Admin being reported: (Tag by writing @ before their forum name) @Thy

Reason for Report: I feel as if the reason i was banned is Unfair
Time of Occurrence: 2019/01/02

Evidence to support your claim:
I have watched many players as of recently do the exact thing i was banned for and was let off free. if resisting arrest is against game rules why do we even get guns to evade police its just something that makes no sense to me and receiving a 7 day ban for this is extremely unfair and just upsets me because i love RP so much on this server.

Additional members involved/witnessing:
• {Salvatore Tortellini} Bluvin22(
• {Sephen Lannio} Killay(

Thank you for reading this :)


Community Manager
Community Manager
Community Janitor
Dec 1, 2016
My response from the ban appeal.
So initially I was in the bank and I randomly was told to put my hands up by a cop (Cop I believe was Officer Noodles). I felt as if he was in the wrong and he kicked me for "Failing to Comply with an officer".
That was me, you were at gunpoint and under FearRP. You kept ignoring me even though I told you to put your hands up at least eight times if not more.

A later case I was going to break my friend out of jail and an officer had their gun drawn and I and my friend felt threatened so we decided to shoot back.
I surprised you while you were picking the lock behind PD, had you at gunpoint, you both decided to take your turns pulling out pistols and trying to shoot me even though I repeatedly told you to put your hands up.

I was driving around in my Red Honda Civic normally and all the sudden I get banned for 7 days!? (Banned by Thy, Multiple Warnings/Breaking FearRP Running at Gunpoint)
You were at PD front where some other people were "handing out weed". A group of four or five people approximately. I'm watching this in noclip.
A police officer shows up, pulls his firearms out, tells you all to put your hands up, one guy opens fire on the officer and is killed by SS who was nearby. Most of the group scatter and run away, you are still there. The officer aims his firearm at you and tells you to put your hands up, yet you run off, jumping into the PD parking lot to escape.

That was the third time you broke fearRP while an officer had you at gun point. This all happened within 2 hours time or so. I was being incredibly lenient with you throughout it all, giving a verbal warning first and a single warning point the second time.
However when you did it a third time, my patience had run out which resulted in this ban.

I was driving around in my Red Honda Civic normally and all the sudden I get banned for 7 days!?
That's just a blatant lie. You know it and I know it.

I haven't skimmed through the rules in a while so do want to apologize for my actions
You kept doing it even though I explained the rule to you multiple times.

And from our forum conversation.

There's really nothing more to add.

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