Tom Pogi's blacklist appeal

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Tom Howard

Feb 25, 2019
Your Steam Name: BigE
Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:229520683
Your Character Name: Tom Pogi

Which Staff blacklisted you: @Rusty
What were you blacklisted from: Weapons

Blacklist Reason: FTVL
Unblacklist Reason: This moderator just blacklists me for weapons for a week because i FTVL'd? I just shot a guy in the head that has no pulse and that is considered FTVL? i've never heard of this, I thought FTVL was supposed to be failing to value my life? Not shooting someone with no pulse. Clearly I never failed to value my life, I didn't run into some random gunfight.

Time of Occurrence: Around 10:00PM (GMT +8)
Additional members involved/witnessing: No one


MRP Administrator
MRP Administrator
Marketing Team
Event Team
Nov 14, 2018
hello there @Tom Howard

okay so your were blacklisted for ftvl because you shot a body on the floor at the bank then checked his pulse, you didn't try and revive him you didn't try and call ems, you made the decision to finish off the player. you have multiple records for FTVL and an existing blacklist from a cop for FTVL and that is why I will not be removing your blacklist today.

I would also like to state that the comment you posted in the help command was not acceptable and will not be tolerated in the future.

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