unban appeal

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Monolith Newcomer
Dec 29, 2018
Saudi Arabia
Steam Name: Jimmy Valentine
Your SteamID32: STEAM_0:0:63180374
Your Character Name: Jimmy Valentine

Ban Length: 4 weeks +
Banning Staff Member: @Thegamingshain

Ban Reason: Mass VDM
Unban Reason: It wasn't mass VDM bro anytime I hit someone on the street I get out and apologize. If I might've killed someone then I truly didn't intend to yo 1.5 month ban is too much.
I understand if you deny it but at least reduce the sentence.

Time of Occurrence: Yesterday
Additional members involved/witnessing:


MRP Administrator
MRP Administrator
Marketing Team
Event Team
MRP Recruitment Team
Police Command
Nov 3, 2019
You ran over numerous people, then finished them off when they were on the ground. I cannot see this as an accident.

Appeal Denied.

You may reappeal in 2 weeks.
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