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Monolith Rookie
Dec 21, 2019
Steam Name: Niko mac
Your SteamID32(You can obtain this from steamid.io): STEAM_0:1:65839987
Your Character Name: Ivor ingolf

Ban Length: 7 days
Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): @Mr.Alex

Ban Reason: Metagaming
Unban Reason: I was banned for metagaming, but in the videos provided by the reporter you can clearly see that i am talking ingame. i was also reportd for the exact same thing a few days a go but it got voided. its legit eco you can hear it in the video. and the reporter clerly used google translate and in norwiegan it doest mean what he says it means. i dont see how this is clear evidence becuase from what you guys know i might be talking to my outher frinds who arent on the server or playing gmod i dont get how talking on discord is a vaialation. and for some reason i did not get tagged i saw that mr alex had taggged me but not until he had issued the ban. and what do rule breaks i did 2 years ago have to do with his decison now. this ban was all issued because of him using google translate to translate things i say which goolgle translate is shit and clearly did not translate correctly. how whould u even know its norwigean and not swedish or danish which are all very much the same but words are different and spelled differently. This ban makes no sense

Time of Occurrence: 1 week ago
Additional members involved/witnessing: @cam hasan
Read, understood and followed ban appeal rules?:yes

HEllO how exactly did i lie in my unban appeal i just said i think its weird how GOOGLE FUCKING TRANSLATE can be the faktor that decides if i am getting banned. all u can hear is my frind. but to be fair I was metagaming i realise its stupid. but i made a report and got an extra 3 days for LYING which i did not. i recently just got back into monolith and whould like to play it still but if i ever get chaught for metagming agian you can perma ban me, I WILL NEVER EVER META GAME AGIAN


MRP Administrator
MRP Administrator
Report Management
Marketing Team
Media Creator
Event Team
MRP Recruitment Team
Police Training
Oct 22, 2018
You lied in your previous appeal so this is denied.

Appeal denied.
Thread locked & moved.
Not open for further replies.