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Monolith Pleb
Mar 9, 2018
Some where in Zimbabawae
Your Steam Name:uwu
Your SteamID::STEAM_0:1:124275157
Your Character Name: Josephi Krakawski

Which Staff blacklisted you: @Brad
What were you blacklisted from: PD and security

Blacklist Reason:Uncuffing someone
Unblacklist Reason: Well you can see in the video he cuffed him after, then uncuffed him. My premium is ending in 5 days, I wanna grind detective. Please only unblacklist me from detective. I apologize for uncuffing him. It was a stupid mistake it will never happen again.

Time of Occurrence: 2-3 days
Additional members involved/witnessing: N/A

P.S You never blacklisted me from swat officer and swat commander. So if this gets denied just blacklist me on those 2 aswell.


MRP Moderator
MRP Moderator
Marketing Team
Event Team
Apr 11, 2019
North Carolina
You un-cuffed your friend because he was getting arrested. Then you killed him once he pulled a gun out and said "I got your stuff"

You had a long history for this and this was honestly very lenient.

Sadly, denied.
Not open for further replies.