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Update 4.4 - Release Changelog


Monolith Addict
Forum Moderator
MRP Recruitment Team
Dec 3, 2016
Manchester, United Kingdom

NOTE: Not all changes have been documented. Update will be live at 12:15 PM BST - 23/10/2018.

  • New Face Variants system (Premium Only Feature)
  • Added new actions on what someone's doing in 3D space, a bit like Clockwork ("Typing...", "Performing...")
  • Added Weed tent automatic watering system
  • Added Weed tent pot snapping system
  • Add soulbound item deployment restrictions
    • They no longer remove the item when it is deployed, but instead mark it as deployed - so people can't lose their factory items.
  • Reverted Police models back to their old sets. Re-adding support for Female Police Models.
  • Added Factory queue system
  • Added Item market slider
  • Added Observer system to Containers, to allow multiple players to interact with a container at one given time
  • Added iMessage quick reply functionality
  • Fixed some items being classed as repairable, when they shouldn't have durability.
  • Fixed joining server spam

  • Removed the (XXX) ID from Unknown names, instead their full SteamID will be visible.
  • Durability loss is now set on reload, instead of equip.
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