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Update 4.5 - Release Changelog


Monolith Addict
Forum Moderator
MRP Recruitment Team
Dec 3, 2016
Manchester, United Kingdom

NOTE: Not all changes have been documented.

  • New Chatbox
  • Firefighters Overhaul
    • Over 30 new fire positions for firefighters (Available pre 4.5)
    • Absolutely new and functional firetruck that comes with a gear locker and water hoses, did I mention a working ladder?!
    • Hydrants placed around the map for firefighters to tap onto.
    • Firefighters received new off-call uniforms
    • Adjustments to v-fire addon
    • A warning before fire mission starts, so occupants of a house can run
  • Lots of Weapon Balancing and New Weapons
    • Glock 17
    • MP9
    • Thanks @Aaron for the additional assistance.
  • New extra data table system for our API
    • This allows us to save new non-critical data such as what we're implementing today! Persistent jail timers.
  • Re-implemented Factory Queue system with bugfixes.
  • Rain will water plants for the duration of a storm.
  • Added new method of dropping items. If you drag an item out to the center of your screen you can slightly align the drop spot for precision.
  • Added Pistol Holster system.
  • Added 3D action to equipping/unequipping weapons.
  • Added a small audio indicator letting the player know that their weapon has been jammed.
  • Increased storm length.
  • Snow! Will be enabled closer to Christmas.
  • Fixed Coca seeds not actually having Level 30 farming.
  • Foiled Hash now works correctly with the bong.

  • Durability subtraction is now impacted after an X amount of shots, as opposed to weapon reloading.
  • Many farming adjustments:
    • If a player plants on their property: soil is deemed "good" - there's benefits and disadvantages of using good/bad soil.
    • Delay fixed when harvesting when the growth is 100%.
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