Update 5.0 - Release Changelog

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Dec 3, 2016
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NOTE: Not all changes have been documented.

Anyone who has a current Deed on Paralake, please make a refund request and tag me in it. Make sure you provide the Deed information (expiry date, price, etc.) as a screenshot.

  • New map (RP Truenorth)
    • Make sure you are up to date with our workshop collection, there are a few new addons to download
  • New Residential Electricity system
    • A plethora of existent appliances now require to be powered:
      • Microwave
      • Mini Fridge
      • Weed Tent
      • TVs
      • More to come in future updates…
    • In the future, we plan on adding power converters, extension cables and more.
  • New Garbage Man job
    • All houses while occupied will spawn Garbage Cans outside. The role of a Garbage Man is to use his/her Truck to traverse the map and clean the city. You’ll get paid for it.
  • Prison Overhaul
    • This is an early implementation, more features will arrive.
    • You are no longer handcuffed while in prison.
    • Introducing a replacement for the Police Cadet. The Prison Guard’s role is to protect and moderate the Inmates of the Truenorth Correctional Prison.
    • Prison Guards can take you to the Canteen and you can be fed by the workers there.
    • To be Arrested or Unarrested, Handcuffs are no longer the answer. There is a Police Processing NPC in the Processing area of the PD to handle inmate processing.
  • Revamped license plate detection system
    • You can now find and receive multiple search results on the Police Computer.
  • New Police Features
    • New Rank: Captain.
    • All Police have been reskinned to fit the map.
    • All Police vehicles have been reskinned to fit the map.
  • Optimizations
    • All entities have received rendering optimizations. This should help with the FPS a little.
  • Inventory Modifications
    • You can now right click items in containers to move them straight to your inventory.
  • Vehicle Clamps
    • Police may now issue Clamps on your vehicle to prevent them from moving.
  • Fixed police armor not draining properly.
  • Fixed being able to shoot sometimes while handcuffed.
  • Fixed issue with taxes being messed up.
  • Fixed blacklisted mayors still being up for re-election.
  • Fixed a bunch of action logs (/me, /911, etc.)
  • Fixed medics being able to stabilize disorientated bodies (Car Crash)
  • Fixed users being able to physgun money and other entities
  • Fixed script error when exiting fire truck
  • Fixed ANPR system flagging police cars
  • Removed ladder from fire truck due to issues
  • Fixed Jail breaker NPC not working sometimes
  • Fixed food truck not being nameable
  • Fixed fishing system sometimes eating bait like crazy
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