Used Gun Store

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Jack Lee

Monolith Rookie
Jan 30, 2020
Used Gun Store
Guns up to 50% off


Ingame Name:
Steam Name:
Order(X #, Y #):

Any gun 100% to 90% will be full value
Any gun 89# to 70% is 15% off
Any gun 69% to 50% is 25% off
Any gun lower can be from 40% to 50% off

Feel Free to use ctrl f to find the gun you need
Mac-11: $4,000
MP5: $4,500
Thompson: $8,000
Vector: $10,000
MP9: $15,000
AK-74: $9,000
G36C: $10,000
LR-300: $11,000
G3A3: $16,000
Honey Badger: $15,000
SCAR-H: $14,000
M249: $18,000
Galil $18,000
M4 Carbine $20,000
ACR-E $23,000
AUG: $25,000
XM8: $28,000
Mosin: $22,000
M14: $24,000
Last edited:


Monolith Senior
Mar 23, 2020
Yee haw land
I’ll buy all the xm8’s but I’m not wasting my time on format. Just contact me in game. Simon Bendetti. I buy xm8’s constantly

Edit: sorry I’m an idiot you don’t have any in stock