Vehicle blacklist

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Monolith Rookie
Nov 14, 2017
Warned for: Attempt Vdm and Cop Baiting
Warned by (@AdminName): Alphadef

Removal Reason: The Cop Baiting was a false. I was watching people pulling guns on each other and it happen to be next to town hall and bank. I started trying to talk to them and a cop pulled up behind me and he hit his siren i thought oh he knows its stolen. so i run but i see hes not following me and i think oh hes goin after the people who shot there guns. i wanna see this so i head back knowing he dose not know its stolen plus there was going to be shots.... so i go back and start to watch him fail at killing them. he died by another person then the mayor runs up to his Stolen limo. aka the car im in. he shoots at me so i drive around the block and i try to run him over as he shoots at me more. he dies by someone else and i go disoriented.
And the time in the video is 8:48

Time of Occurrence: 3:47 pm est
Read, understood and followed warning appeal rules?:


MRP Administrator
MRP Administrator
Report Management
Media Creator
Event Team
Police Supervisor
Jul 1, 2020
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