Weapons Blacklist

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Monolith Newcomer
Apr 14, 2020
Your Steam Name: Condelo

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:1708415

Your Character Name: Max Condelo

Which Staff blacklisted you: @friskiemar

What were you blacklisted from: Weapons

Blacklist Length: 20 Days

Blacklist Reason: RDM

Unblacklist Reason: I got handcuffed by a cop because he felt I was to close to a crime scene when I was behind the police road block with a camera in hand. I also had a rifle in my inventory that he didnt even see lol. He took me out of handcuffs and so I ran to my car. I guess he noticed the gun as he took the cuffs off im not sure. But then he came back to me with cuffs in hand trying to arrest me. So I pulled my deagle out because I already had it loaded and told him back off and shot him dead.

Also I read in the server rules that #8 server rule is.... You may not kill a Law Enforcement Officer unless you have a valid roleplay reason to do so. These could include, but is not limited to, visibly carrying illegal weapons or visibly performing an illegal activity. These reasons depend on the context. If police are attempting to initiate an arrest on you while you are carrying hidden illegal items in your inventory, that is a valid reason to kill them.

I had a class 3 in my inventory and a deagle with no gun license. I was gonna go to jail if he got the cuffs on me again. I had no choice but to shoot

Time of Occurrence: Around 6-7:30 pm

Additional members involved/witnessing: N/A

Read, understood and followed blacklist appeal rules?: Yes I understand


MRP Administrator
MRP Administrator
Forum Moderator
Report Management
Marketing Team
Event Team
Nov 28, 2018
You got banned for a week the day after for an accepted player report for RDM.