Weed 101 (New system)

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May 23, 2018
Hi welcome to my weed tutorial today im gonna show you the best ways to use the new weed system.

First to start out you're gonna have to get the items to do it.
Weed Dealer Location - rp_paralake_city_v40307.jpgrp_paralake_city_v40308.jpg Located under the bridge next to casino.

What you need for the weed
(6 pots if non-premium) ~ $250ea/depending on taxes
(9 pots if premium) ~ $250ea/depending on taxes
(1x Small Light Tent) ~ $2000ea/depending on taxes
(1-9 microwaves depending how fast you want to dry the weed) ~ $850ea/depending on taxes
(1-9 Foil Machines Depending how many you need) ~ $350ea/depending on taxes
(5 soil bags -1 Soil bag gives 2 uses-) ~ $150ea/depending on taxes


Step 1

First you wanna Deploy the Tent, 6 - 9 pots and your 3 - 5 bags of soil.
Step 2

Great now that you have you're tent and bucket out with dirt pick up the dirt and tap it on the bucket it should look like this after.
then take out you're marijuana seed and drop it on the floor then pick it up with you're hands then tap it on the bucket like you did with the dirt
Step 3

Great now that you got the seed in put in the tent dont freeze it inside or the light wont turn on when unfrozen inside the tent the light will turn on.
it takes about 5 - 10 minutes to grow i will keep you updated on it. This process takes no water at all sit back and relax while you're weed grows

Step 4

Oh wow looks like you're weed has fully grown you're next step is to press e on the weed doing that will shoot out a brick of weed on the top. What do you do with it you ask you take it to the microwave pick up the weed and tap it on the microwave first it disappears once its in press e on it and it will start to dry it *its really loud* once it spits it out pick it up and put it on the foil machine and boom you got you're self weed to sell at the dealer
rp_paralake_city_v40319.jpgrp_paralake_city_v40325.jpgrp_paralake_city_v40326.jpg From what i found out you could get (1 to 3) hash bags after processing it threw the foil machine

Please hit me up in game if you need more help :>


Q - Why cant i put the weed in the foil machine after i got it out of the microwave?
A - You have to pick it up and Deploy the hash again its a current bug right now.

Q - how much does a stack of weed give you?
A - i have not sold a stack of weed yet but i sold 74 before and it gave me 31k.

Q - how much do you make per hour?
A - per hour you could probably make a stack of weed (100)

Q - Can i make weed without the tent?
A - yes you can but i highly encourage you to use the tent with the tent cops can smell the weed and could probably raid you.

Q - Do i get farming levels for harvesting the plants?
A - Yes you do every time i harvest my 9 plants i get about 3500+ xp (probably gonna nerf it soon)

This is my first guide i have ever made so if i could have some feedback in my comments it would be helpful thanks :D
~ Millerman veira
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Jul 15, 2018
Good guide but I feel like the weed system is self-explanatory. Great guide though.