What do you think of Monolith?

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    Votes: 4 6.9%
  • 9 - Amazing

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  • 8 - Great

    Votes: 18 31.0%
  • 7 - Good

    Votes: 14 24.1%
  • 6 - Average

    Votes: 2 3.4%
  • 5 - Fair

    Votes: 3 5.2%
  • 4 - Poor

    Votes: 5 8.6%
  • 3 - Bad

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Dec 4, 2018
Hey everyone, I was just thinking, how much does everyone here really like Monolith? How about you tell everyone on the thread! Fill out this form if you want. How about the poll too.. Thank you everyone, have fun. This is not a place for you to bitch and moan about something that you feel is wrong, that is not why I started this. I don't want a rage thread ok? Thank you.

Monolith General Evaluation

Good Things About Monolith:

Bad Things About Monolith:

Favourite ONE thing about Monolith:

How Did You Find Monolith?

Do You Plan On Staying?

Thank you for filling it out! Please be honest as it only makes everything better!


Aug 20, 2018
Good Things About Monolith: It's development team and the devotion behind creating a unique Roleplay-server that is Monolith today

Bad Things About Monolith: The garry's-mod engine that restricts it's full potential. Monolith could become such a great server but the game engine bottlenecks alot of ideas and functions.

Favourite ONE thing about Monolith: The grind, it has a runescape feeling behind it. you grind the jobs, the skills, your position in this world. You can become someone of great value if you put effort behind it

How Did You Find Monolith? Watching DanielSL youtube video.
Iron Chef Daniels

Do You Plan On Staying?
I'm planning to stay as long as i can. Depens on the time i have in the future
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Well-Known Member
May 7, 2018
Good Things About Monolith: development team is something I would never imagine exist on a game like gmod

Bad Things About Monolith: the game is gmod :/

Favourite ONE thing about Monolith: the kinda endless grind

How Did You Find Monolith?: the sponsored dolphin of monolith

Do You Plan On Staying?: depends on when monoford is released, otherwise I’ll be here til im #1 fragger (end of the week ez lyf)

I got a feeling everyone will respond the same here lol
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Monolith Grinder
I think monolith is a gmod server, idk though.
But really, monolith inst perfect. We have a bunch of issues but we still are a very nice community despite these issues.
I dont really plan on leaving, been here since February
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Dominic Brooklier

Well-Known Member
Nov 19, 2018
Just a masterpiece
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Jason Richards

Aug 31, 2017
Good Things About Monolith: Addicting and cool gameplay

Bad Things About Monolith: From my experience bigger amount of rule breakers than before. *vdm, rdm*

Favourite ONE thing about Monolith: It's hard because i can't say everything.

How Did You Find Monolith? I found it 1 year and 4 months ago when i was watching JMW Films videos

Do You Plan On Staying? Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
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Well-Known Member
Oct 20, 2018
Good Things About Monolith: Development Team, gameplay mechanics, some events.

Bad Things About Monolith: Staff - The majority of my issues involve Staff or the processes of Staffing.

Staff Reports & Ban Appeals - Firstly regarding ban appeals, you guys have like no system involving ban appeals it's basically player vs banning moderator and no 3rd party intervention. You guys don't have a system for Trial Moderators & Moderators (New Staff / Low Staff) to where a player submits an appeal and a different administrator+ makes an unbias verdict on the situation by viewing evidence and reading each side. It's also something I've noticed is that when the staff member replies they usually submit one reply and then instantly lock and move the topic so there is no room for the player to defend himself even more and in some cases that's fine to do however when the situation is more complicated a discussion can happen between staff and player so that they can understand each sides thinking and logic into what happened. The same with Staff Reports, higher staff literally (In my instance) wrote 1 sentence and locked the topic didn't really describe the reason why it was denied or anything or helped me understand the situation and reasoning for a punishment it was just like reply and deny type of thing which to build player confidence and understanding of rules you can at least describe what you think in reports and again allow all parties to comment and discuss.

In-Game Sits - I feel like that a majority of staff take the player who reported side and barely look from the other persons perspective, some do don't get me wrong but a lot of the times staff just seem to want to get along very quickly and seem very punishment happy. It's like all situations have to end with a warning or ban barely any situation end with verbal warnings or a mutual agreement between both parties. Staff also rely heavily on logs instead of video evidence and yea they say video evidence sits to the forums but with video it makes situations easy to understand and if a player !reports without evidence then staff result to logs and that is literally a whole video game based on text the context of the story isn't told, some actions aren't seen in logs as a result it's very bland and doesn't get the whole situation correct.

Favourite ONE thing about Monolith: Raiding

How Did You Find Monolith?: Friend

Do You Plan On Staying?: Depends - I like everything about the In-Game mechanics and game in general however everything listed above just really pisses me off at times.


MRP Server Director
MRP Server Director
Forum Moderator
MRP Recruitment Team
Aug 11, 2017
Miami Lakes, FL
Good things about Monolith: Monolith is a unique place. There is no other server like it. It's development is pretty swell, and has a team of dedicated developers to keep the dream alive. It has a passionate amount of people behind the project that give way for a place that could last for a long time, given those people do not give up on Monolith. Some of the playerbase is pretty swell as well. I have met some people here on Monolith are really nice, and not like the other toxic people you could meet on Garry's Mod. It makes it feel nice.

Bad things about Monolith:
Player Treatment of Staff:
This one has been on my mind forever. And to be honest, it's actually unlike any other server I have been on either. I work in Customer Service, I deal with shitty people daily. But usually those shitty people come back and apologize. Long car travels, noisy kids, IRL issues. You know, things that affect our emotions.
Then there is the bad side of our playerbase, some of the more vocal people. I have never had one day where someone doesn't treat me like shit for my decisions. Or better yet, I haven't had a sit where there isn't an argument, and when I make a decision, I am the bad guy, the shitty staff member, the horrible example of an admin, etc etc. It's worse than my IRL job, way worse. I haven't once had someone make a sincere apology for their words either, cause y'know, "it's the internet!!!!". It's easier to assume we're robots without emotions and feelings and make decisions cause we're corrupt. People don't realize we don't sit here to kill the dream of Monolith. Why would we apply for this role and actively destroy the place we dedicate our time to? We don't even get to roleplay with you guys half the time, or play with you. Our time is partitioned primarily to enforcing the rules, with little time to play on the server we staff for. Myself, I have never gotten time to RP. And when I do, I am asked "Why are you roleplaying and not doing reports, do my report!". It makes staffing here pointless when this is a volunteer effort. We aren't paid, we don't get benefits. The reason I have not stopped bothering with customer service is because at least I am paid, and it's my passion in life.

If people realized that maybe we're actually just humans with feelings and are doing this for you guys, not ourselves, maybe you'd realize we do these things because we want to see Monolith grow. And we have to do our part by enforcing the rules. Instead of talking shit in private Discords or to the persons face who is dedicated to helping you, you'd realize that maybe this is a team effort, where the staff and community should prolly work together.

Favourite ONE thing about Monolith: Unique developments, and unique RP style.

How did you find Monolith?: Zuthar13

Do you plan on staying?: Yeah, until I can't anymore.

[EDEN] Matthew

Jul 9, 2018
Monolith General Evaluation

Good Things About Monolith: The people that give others tips on how to roleplay in ooc. The amount of jobs there are, an active police force

Bad Things About Monolith: Lots of time without staff, same 4 people staying on the chief/director position, and instantly getting raided as soon as you start farming drugs

Favourite ONE thing about Monolith: The active community

How Did You Find Monolith? I just found it :/

Do You Plan On Staying? Maybe

(p.s) I already made a pros and cons
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A Sack O' Salt

MRP Moderator
MRP Moderator
Dec 10, 2017
Good Things About Monolith: The Staff Team, The Gamemode, The Weapons market, you can lose track of time while playing (I’ve gotten on at 9 and said oh I’ll just goto sleep at like 11, next thing i know it’s time to goto school at 7AM.)
Slot machines
How hard it is to make lots of money
The community

Bad Things About Monolith: Police Protocol. I’ve had many times where I’ve called the police because I was getting raided yet they insist to search my property even though the raiders never made it inside.
Indecency of Traffic Rules
People Kill Hungry
Gangs that are so wealthy that everyone either joins them or is killed by them

Favourite ONE thing about Monolith: The playerbase

How Did You Find Monolith? 2 years ago, my buddy introduced me to it.

Do You Plan On Staying? Definitely
Monolith General Evaluation

The Good:
The staff and development team are very active, there's nearly a mod or admin most of the time, except the late night/early morning hours, and a lot of the people take roleplay seriously. I think this server is one of the best in Gary's Mod at what it tries to accomplish, and that's a very fun and serious city-like RP. Progression feels challenging while rewarding, and with all the updates and changes being added by the dev team, there's always something fun and new to explore or try out.

The bad:
It's Gary's Mod, its restrictive and full of minges, there's always going to be bugs and glitches, random deaths, and people who make serious RP impossible. The server lags at around 100+ people and it gets disorganized and chaotic, especially when there is no admins on. To get far in the game, one must grind, and grind a lot. There are many times where I had to spend hours micro-managing little things for little progress, this monotonous aspect to the grind is deterring, and while it sucks, you just gotta suck it up.

Favorite Thing:

How Did You Find Monolith?
One lukewarm day I found myself here, and it was one of the cleanest servers I had seen. I was hooked instantly.

Do You Plan On Staying?
Yes please
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Well-Known Member
Jul 11, 2017
I also agree the staff and development team are amazing, I’ve seen actual games have worse development teams then Monolith’s. The development team is very active and add a lot of new features.

The staff on the server are great too, they don’t let just anyone be staff. There’s a lot of time and process into becoming staff to ensure someone who will abuse their power or not do their job properly doesn’t get access to it.

For the bad, I do agree the worse thing about Monolith is the garry’s Mod platform and the high ping. Until 80 players it’s kinda good but after that it’s very hard to do things like driving. I understand why they won’t limit the player count or make two servers, it’d split the player base and reduce revenue.

The other thing about monolith is as you said, it’s too grindy. There’s barely any opportunity for passive role play like making a Pizza shop or restraunt etc, and even when you do make a passsive role play shop no one comes to it because they’re all grinding. I think that really needs to be changed with monolith.

Other than that, monolith is an amazing server, just a few small things/gameplay changes could be made to better the experience but I understand why they won’t do some of it from a business standpoint

Joey Skylynx

Active Member
Jun 18, 2017
North Dakota, United States of America
Good Things About Monolith: It has an economy that is mostly run by the players.

Bad Things About Monolith:
The economy still needs to be fleshed out more, and the emphasis on adding more illegal activities worries me. I would love to see more focus on the cooking, fishing, and farming fronts. If at all possible, it'd be nice to see a husbandry type system for bird houses and raising of small animals for meat.

Favourite ONE thing about Monolith:

How Did You Find Monolith?:
Got contacted by Hawke back in 2017, became a moderator about a week later.

Do You Plan On Staying?:
I have been around for some time. It depends on how things go with the economy and such.


Jul 15, 2018
Monolith General Evaluation Community is run by it's players Kappa

Good Things About Monolith: SeriousRP, Good Devs

Bad Things About Monolith: People are too frag hungry.

Favourite ONE thing about Monolith: The grind for money

How Did You Find Monolith? Psisyn

Do You Plan On Staying? Yes

Thank you for filling it out! Please be honest as it only makes everything better!


Well-Known Member
Aug 28, 2017
Monolith General Evaluation : since nobody pointed it out i will the server is filled with people that will do everything to "get this bread" i mean have you seen the amount of people that flattering to mods / admins for small things e.g (i won't say names) Player 1 wanted to be a mod, good he got mentor from the first day he got mentor he started acting like a lil b**** all day talking about mods and admins how good of a job they are doing saying "oh you're the best admin gregg" (example) saying sexual sentences for jokes / memes then player 1 gets mod BOOM started acting like shit and abusing whenever he can, i am not saying everyone is abusing but "THE PEOPLE WHO KNOWS WILL UNDERSTAND" in my opinion when a person changes his act to gain something aka manipulation and then started acting like shit is a person that deserve a slot in hell there is a lot of those people in the server, about connection and lag, the players on the server got a massive PING every each one of them, tweaks can be made, server host can be switched to something more center ish to help EU players and NA, since NA players got a faster connection to EU than actual EU players (Tested)

Good Things About Monolith: Farming / Crafting System

Bad Things About Monolith: Abusers

Favourite ONE thing about Monolith: 1v16 the PD...

How Did You Find Monolith? : friend, 1 and half year a go

Do You Plan On Staying? : when i see a great reason to comeback i will
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