FEEDBACK Why do people not base anymore

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What do you think the problem is (select all that apply)

  • Top players are too rich and/or don't fight each other

  • The "hacker" problem

  • No one else is basing

  • Too risky

  • Gunmaking is too hard

  • Raiding rules are too strict

  • None of the above (comment)

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MRP Senior Administrator
MRP Senior Administrator
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Jul 7, 2018
College Station, TX
So pretty simple question, why do people not base anymore?

I've seen a trend ever since we changed from truenorth to the 2nd paralake that less and less people are basing. With not that many people basing, you can't really get any PvP besides doing bank raids, breaking your friends out of prison or doing a hostage situation (notice that all of these involve cops). It used to be much worse in the 2nd paralake, but in monoford it has gotten better

I've made a poll based off of most of the arguments I see players make in-game so go ahead and vote or suggest another choice, but most importantly suggest solutions don't just rant


Active Member
Apr 14, 2018
IMO, because of the costly and time consuming grind for guns, new players don’t base because of the risk of losing them.
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MRP Administrator
MRP Administrator
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Jan 22, 2019
Minnesnowta, US
I dont because no matter how well i hide myself (No cars, no props, no alarms) people MIRACULOUSLY still seem to find me, assumingly with the help of a certain NPC. If I actually had the chance to lay low and get legitimately raided based off of impressive scouting by rival orgs, I'd do it again 100 percent


Active Member
Jun 1, 2019
People who solo base are raided within 10-15 minutes. People that base and don't get raided are pretty much all in decently big orgs and the big orgs don't base as much as people that may be solo. I think that the solos are to scared to base because of constant raiding because lack of people basing. If more big orgs form they will probably be focused on raiding each other and not the poor dude doing LSD in layer 2. Also its hard to get into big orgs that base because of tough requirements and if you are basing and constantly being raided you may never get your chem level up to join orgs that base. There are "legal" and more grindy ways of getting money but that is very time consuming and quite boring.


Monolith Pleb
Apr 1, 2018
United Kingdom
As above said, if it wasn't such a risk everyone would do it more, people get raided by just farming and even get their potatos seeds taken and most of the time they base at locations that you wouldn't even see anyone basing inside or even exposed.

The NPC is a major problem, at peak hours you will be raided within like 10 mins because of the camp of the NPC, you really dont get a chance to settle in.


Apr 16, 2019
Drifting in Outerspace
Gonna piggy-back on the other comments and regurgitate what they said.. the realtor NPC displaying which places are rented causes raids to be set up as soon as you start renting. I get people aren't supposed to check that however everyone does it.


Well-Known Member
Dec 28, 2018
It's simple, most of the people who did base in True North left or have been banned. I will call out a few orgs who did base a lot, Gambinos, Prime, GS9, Delucas, Polaris, Narcos, ABZ, 1%, and more that I can't currently think of. The realtor was on True North and no one had a problem with that, so I don't see the problem with it on Mono Ford.

Jack Everadon

Monolith Pleb
Jul 2, 2017
Illinois, United States of America
I know personally my org and orgs in the past have done lots of raiding. When we aren't basing, we're looking for a raid. We have never used the realtor except maybe back in early rockford.


Senior Member
Mar 12, 2019
It's simple, most of the people who did base in True North left or have been banned. I will call out a few orgs who did base a lot, Gambinos, Prime, GS9, Delucas, Polaris, Narcos, ABZ, 1%, and more that I can't currently think of. The realtor was on True North and no one had a problem with that, so I don't see the problem with it on Mono Ford.
+1. Most of the players and orgs who used to base are no more. It takes time to build new orgs and for them to base as a collective. With so many new players on monoford, they dont want to risk losing their stuff via basing. The risk is too high.


Well-Known Member
Jan 15, 2018
New York, US
I just don't feel like getting on to base alone cause everyone else is busy


Sep 29, 2019
if no one else is basing, i dont base due to someone using an NPC and 20 people raiding me when im doing cocoa


Well-Known Member
Aug 23, 2017
Actual reasons why people stop basing :

1. The cost of basing and getting raided out weighs the profit out of basing.

2. Your org or person yourself is @ war with another Org so you WILL get raided , this is why you don’t talk garbage some people in the server actually have a heart.

3. Getting constantly raided and motivation has died down cause you can’t kill the raiders

4. The amount of hours you have to put in just to gain around 100k or guns outweighs the fact that you’ll lose it MAYBE in a couple of minutes from getting raided

Just a little side note on to NOT get raided , stop being toxic players just bc you frag someone and talk over their dead body it literally creates a never ending cycle also just for doing that i’ll raid you

Bobby Kurosaki

Senior Member
Aug 6, 2018
I mean it's a mix of things that I've heard from people in the community. One is that you get raided the first 5 minutes you place something down and I think that's because of the cheater problem because people with esp on are most likely on the hunt for people to raid or any sort of a person basing with any sort of reward out of it. Secondly not to many people are basing to out weigh the amount of raiders if more people would base it would reduce the risk of you as a certain person get raided most people have all that they need they have no reason to base or get money out of anything most of the time they all of the guns and money they need to survive it's basically turning into a warzone because their is nothing else to do but get in shootouts and raiding.


Active Member
Aug 3, 2018
I don't base because I can't shoot anything and spray like a newb, my ping of 250ms is not helping either. :D


Well-Known Member
Feb 9, 2018
I believe we need to find a better anti-cheat software or something because this hacker problem is becoming a big issue and has made a lot of people leave. Guns are also an issue because it takes to much time and money to get guns for some people so people don't want to risk losing them. I think back in Rockford it wasn't as hard to make guns as it is now because people used to base all the time in Rockford because guns weren't as hard as they are to make now and people weren't as scared to lose them.

Jamal Hisin

Feb 24, 2019
It's all about WHY people are basing. People that farm keep basing: why? Because they know they don't have much to lose and that if they are raided they can rebound quickly. However, when it comes to LSD or sometimes cocaine, there is a pretty big investment in equipment, weapons, defenses, and rent that can add up. The thing is when solo players or even small group base and keep losing to big org raiders that have more numbers, better guns and more experience, they either a) keep trying and most of the time go broke or b) give up thinking they can never win against the rich players. This has happened to me and is one of the main reasons why instead of doing LSD I do gun crafting because I know there is not a lot to lose (if I'm smart). A solution to fix this is to lower the cost of LSD supplies and LSD itself to where raiding LSD operations becomes more questionable and easier to rebound from. I would say a 30% decrease would be the most you would want to affect the price as to not make LSD too easy. I have talked to a lot of rich players and on the server and it's crystal clear that new players are getting on, getting up to the level for LSD, trying to do LSD, getting destroyed by raiders, and then quitting. Another thing you can do is make raids harder. I would decrease the cost of defense fridges and make them craftable from level 15.
Dec 15, 2018
I marked top players are too rich / none because I just wanted to comment. Top players have been playing since 2017-2018, and they've been working at money since then. This leads to them having the money to supply stuff, while new players that are just starting do LSD with a makarov. This leads to an offset that makes players want to quit forever. This happened to me after Truenorth, but luckily now I have my head in the game. The difference between me and a new player however, is that going into to Monoford, I had level 99 cocaine and a few hundred thousand dollars to my name, and the new players have nothing. I've recently tried to help some newer players start with farming, because I love me some good farming, but even then, we get robbed. This makes everything way too risky for everyone, and the biggest orgs in the game absolutely dominate. There's nothing wrong with them, it's just the fact that they raid a new player doing LSD for the first time with M4's, and the players getting raided has a pistol, and they get mad about it. After them getting raided a few times, they just quit. I hate to see Monolith in this state, but it's just so true. There's really no way to fix this because the OG players aren't doing anything wrong, and neither are the new ones. It's just that this leads to them getting way too much money, more than anyone would ever need, and the new players quit, then a new batch of players come in, then the top players raid them, then they quit, and it's an endless cycle.