GUIDE Wilzons Guide to Growing Weed.

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Wilzon DeCarlo

Monolith Pleb
Jan 26, 2019
Dealer location thread [HERE]
Highest possible price:
6 Buckets-$1356
6 seeds-$276
Foil Machine-$316
3 Dirt-$408
Small Light Tent-$1800


The watering kit and barrel of water can be used to automate watering but are very loud.
1. Attach the watering extension kit to your plants
2. put in your buckets and seeds
3. press e on the computer on the table beside the tent
4. once you reach full water you can either afk with it on or shut it off to avoid noise
This has to be done in a place with an outlet.
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Monolith Addict
Jul 1, 2020
Well made, and long overdue. Though worth mentioning somewhere that non-premium players can only use 5 buckets if I remember correctly
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