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  1. Mark

    UPDATE Patch Update 2.0.9 - Release Changelog

    UPDATE 2.0.9 NOTE: Not all changes have been documented. List of changes Spookfest has ended and Southside map has been changed to Southside Day Added the ability to call players from within the 911 app Added Holly FM Christmas station Added Glove boxes to vehicles Added profanity check to...
  2. Mark

    UPDATE Patch Update 2.0.6 - Release Changelog

    UPDATE 2.0.6 NOTE: Not all changes have been documented. List of changes Added marker for other mining area on Southside Added wallet and balance amounts on Query confirmation screens Fixed not being able to rent for X seconds after connection Fixed "Player just connected" crew message...
  3. Mark


    Denied. You can wait out the blacklist. Its only an advert blacklist, Please do not jump into arguments over advert.
  4. Mark


    No. Your actions after of going on the forums and making disrespectful remarks against me did not help your case at all in proving that you actually have meaning behind your apology. In addition, this is not the first time you have done something like this it is now the third time you are being...
  5. Mark

    Truenorth petition

    I think its safe to say you just got one, you will have to wait until the remainder of the current event and next events are over before creating threads like this.
  6. Mark

    UPDATE Patch Update 2.0.3 - Spookfest Release Changelog

    UPDATE 2.0.3 NOTE: Not all changes have been documented. List of changes Spookfest has been enabled and map has been switched to Southside Added new event currency "Candycorn" Added new tooltip for Spookfest related items Added the ability to see the officer who warranted a player in Police...
  7. Mark

    Server Player count low again

    I appreciate a reply like this and I will answer some of these concerns. For example the cargo ship rewards are completely being changed, I think the system is close to being great but its not rewarding enough for those who spend all that effort to actually do it. To that end, we are changing...
  8. Mark

    Ban Appeal

    You have very clearly displayed you have no regard for the feelings of other individuals as a result of the words and actions you partake in. Nothing in this ban appeal shows me otherwise. I am going to deny this request and you can take the 1 month ban as a learning experience and I hope to...
  9. Mark

    level system is extremely flawed

    Fortunately, We plan to address some of these concerns in upcoming patches and it should make the problems that you are having be relieved by a bit. Usually player levels change in jobs when a major department change goes into effect. We have not done one of these in awhile. You can look...
  10. Mark

    UPDATE Patch Update 2.0.2 - Release Changelog

    UPDATE 2.0.2 NOTE: Not all changes have been documented. List of changes Adjustments to rewards from the Cargo Ship Various balancing adjustments Fixed an issue where certain police equipment ( Kevlar ) would be removed upon being disoriented or tased Fixed being able to handcuff players in...
  11. Mark

    UPDATE Patch Update 2.0.1 - Release Changelog

    UPDATE 2.0.1 NOTE: Not all changes have been documented. This includes changes that have yet to be deployed on both the US server and French server they will be deployed within the next 24 hours. List of changes Added Player Level restriction to the Mono-Market for Primary and Secondary...
  12. Mark

    MP7 Auction

    If you happened to have the blueprint but they dont judging by this photo
  13. Mark

    UPDATE Platform Update 2.0 - Part One - Release Changelog

    UPDATE 2.0 Part One NOTE: This update is scheduled to be released Friday, September 10th for the US server. This changelog is not final and is subject to change and not all changes and adjustments are listed. List of changes Added MonoPhone to replace the Mono-Tablet for civilians Added...
  14. Mark

    bro what

    bro what
  15. Mark

    Map Rotation Suggestion

    This wont happen. We have already discussed why, and we will be looking to switch maps in the future for events etc past the 2.0 update.