what do i get?

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Practical Enhancements

• Premium Storages - You can securely place items in special item boxes all around the map
• Double Crafting Queue Slots & 50% Crafting Time Reduction
• Paycheck & EXP Bonuses - 50% EXP and Paycheck bonus and 25% price reduction in all vendors
• Storage Increases - Mono-Market orders increased from 3 to 9 and Bank storage increased from 40 to 112
• Increased Entity Limit - You can spawn 44% more entities, such as furniture
• Remote Vehicle Locking/Unlocking - Ability to use keys remotely on vehicles
• Mechanic Bonus - Double the money for repairing vehicles as a mechanic
• Reduced OOC Chat Cooldown - Cut in half!
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Visual Variety

• Cosmetics - Customise your appearance extensively
• Premium Suits - Allows you to purchase a wide selection of quality suits
• Face variants - You can customize your character's face distinctively
• Vehicle Underglow
• Custom License Plate
• Scoreboard title - You will have a smoothly coloured title in the Scoreboard

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Exclusive Access

• Selected Cars - Multiple luxurious and special cars are available for purchase
• Tool Gun & Phys Gun Access - Allows for more advanced construction
• VIP Store - Access to the VIP store and its distinctive items
• Detective Job - At level 50, you can go undercover for the police as a detective
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