Enhance your game experience in Monolith with Premium Membership. Alternatively, you can purchase MonoCoins for in game packages.

Visual Enhancements

  • Hundreds of unique Cosmetics
  • Plethora of Tailored Quality suits
  • Change Face with Face Variants
  • Vehicle Underglow
  • Custom Licenses
  • Unique Premium title in-game, forums and on Discord
  • Practicality

  • Exclusive Access to many Premium Boxes placed around Monoford
  • Exclusive Access to use keys remotely on cars

  • 3X Mono-Market order limit
  • 3X Bank storage limit
  • 2X Crafting slots
  • 2X Player & Job experience
  • 2X Entity deployment limit
  • 2X Reward for repairing cars
  • 150 MonoCoins

  • 50% Reduction on Crafting time
  • 50% Reduction on OOC time
  • 25% Reduction on all Vendor Items
  • Exclusive Benefits

  • Exclusive Benefits to buy exquisite and luxury cars at Ashen Automotive Group!
  • Exclusive Benefits to become a Police Detective:
    • Perform undercover missions in Monoford to catch the worst criminals the city has to offer
  • Exclusive Benefits to the Premium Store at the Town Hall:
    • Change the color of your Physics Gun with Gems
    • Vape further than anyone else with the Vape Turbine
    • Speak louder than anyone else with the Megaphone
    • Watch videos with the Smart TV Deluxe

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