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  1. Frank Saints

    Selling Snowflake Santa Hat

    will u sell for bayonet doppler and awp assholimov
  2. Frank Saints

    How to bring the server back?

    just let it die nothings going to change and none of the old players are coming back lmao
  3. Frank Saints

    bring paralake

    +support paralake on top
  4. Frank Saints

    who we smoking on?

    who we smoking on?
  5. Frank Saints


  6. Frank Saints

    IRL “Mono-Con”

    settle monolith beefs with arm-wrestling irl no bap gangnem
  7. Frank Saints

    saints ban appeal

    Steam Name: saints Your SteamID32(You can obtain this from 76561198200908353 Your Character Name: Frank Saints Ban Length: 2 months Banning Staff Member (@AdminName to mention the staff member): Melody(?) Ban Reason: Persistant Player Targetting Unban Reason: got banned for player...
  8. Frank Saints

    Jimmy Jimson's fragtage

    top fragtage out there
  9. Frank Saints

    Ansly Rock Monotage Gelato on top

    ur literally the best player ever ansly i love u so much
  10. Frank Saints

    Show Your Face

    bro ansly got shitfaced still fricked up over that night gangatronic!!!! hope we can link again, night was litty!!!11!1!!! :fire_emoji:
  11. Frank Saints

    need to pee someone help

    need to pee someone help
  12. Frank Saints

    saints tage 4

  13. Frank Saints


  14. Frank Saints


    ????????????? we still here