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    s m h

    s m h
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    @PMX sucks at uno

    @PMX sucks at uno
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    MRP Radio volume

    Description: Let people lower the volume of the radio Why should this be added: Sometimes the radio is too loud but you don't want to turn it off in case of something important Related content: These were just added a couple months ago
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    Why do staff RP over staff action?

    that already happens also happens
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    GUIDE A Comprehensive Guide to Half-Life 2 Roleplay

    its all fun and games till the universal union bring out the strider
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    Old Player Back On Monolith After 5 Years

    the 4th anniversary hasn't even happened yet
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    can i get your autograph
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    MonolithRP Review

    thank you bubba dice
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    Ban appeal

    Steam Name: 「gm1003 ツ」 Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:423574514 Your Discord-Tag: 「gm1003 ツ」#5410 Ban Length: Permanent Ban Reason: No idea Unban Reason: I didn't break any rules at all, I only mentioned in the discussion channel an inside joke I have with PMX since he pushed a new commit that doesn't...
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    FEEDBACK Feedback on the Legal System as it Stands within Monoford

    This is what Gurrazor said about a court system and it explains it pretty well I agree with all of it, the RP would be great. But for a semi-serious server like Monolith, it wouldn't really work, as well as the amount of people who want to roleplay as these people like a judge or the jury, it...
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    Player Vs Staff

    lol what Well I actually have a brain (I hope), and I can agree with some points. I really haven't interacted with community management besides those who stop by to VC, I've only heard Stuvi talk once and it was for disciplinary action. In the past I thought all of mangement was scary, and I...
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    Show Your Face

    idk how many times ive posted on this
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