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  1. Giselle

    GUIDE Running 64 bit or a Beta? Console Spam? FIX HERE!

    Hey all, 64 bit has always worked much better and has been more stable for me personally. I got tired of the console spamming me with errors, so I took action. I have just figured out how to stop the console from spamming "Tried to look up command thirdperson as if it were a variable." while...
  2. zacharyhenry14

    Couldn't make effect 'water_effect' - Too many Lua Effects (2049)! Are you killing them properly?

    Im getting this error for my watering can. Idk why but whenever I use the watering can no water is showing on screen? I need help, If anyone knows how you can fix this leave a comment on the thread or comment if this happens to you as well.