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  1. Dido King

    Vice Mall UPDATED

    VICE MALL V.1.5 is out! Note: Due PC problems only part of my store is updated! NOW UPDATED ! PLEASE READ OUR INFORMATION AND RULES BEFORE ORDERING! INFORMATION & RULES PRICES Guns,Equipments & Attachments Food,Drinks and Wine Bars,Planks and Coca leaves Potions Name...
  2. acrasia

    Food/Drink Menus ♥

    Hiya! I'm selling food and drink stuff~ IGN: Bellamy Arrosa (Feel free to message me with an order request if you see me on!) ~Drinks~ -Apple Juice: $300 -Coconut Coctails: $750 -Energy Drink: $500 -Orange Juice: $250 -Pear Juice: $150 -Pineapple Coctails: $850 -Any Wine (Excluding Grape)...
  3. J

    Vinny Bierman's Food, and LSD Chemicals

    Welcome to Vinny Bierman's bakery! Our mission is to provide food that tastes great and performs well. Currently, we are selling cakes, coconut cocktails, energy drinks, Fried eggs, and LSD chemicals Now we all know that if you wanna make some of that good cocaine your gonna need kerosine. You...
  4. reqord

    ($200/Cake $175/Cocktail) Venero's Bakery

    Sale! From now through when any bakery not apart of The Baker’s Union complies, get cakes for $200 each and coconut cocktails for $175 each. Also enjoy 10% off all orders at checkout with code ‘BAKERS-UNION-IS-MY-FAVORITE’ | Venero's Bakery | Putting Food on the Table Since 1921. Bendetti's...
  5. Merilyian

    Patsy's Pies

    Have you ever found yourself tired of burgers and fries? Come on down to Patsy's Pies! (we have burgers and fries too) Food Menu- Harry's Hotdog - $100 Patsy's Famous Pie - $150 Layla's Coconut Cake - $200 Millnus's Supreme Pizza - $250 [ACCEPTING REQUESTS!] Drink Menu- Apple Wine - $50 Pear...
  6. Colonel Cookie


    Hello, people of Monolith! My name is Chan Channingson and I'm looking to invest in the (God-awful) high ranking food market! I'll be buying cakes and drinks for great prices. Reply with what you got and your desired price! (I'm not buying stuff like fried eggs or bread. I'm lookin' for the...