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  1. Haissam

    MRP Financial credit system

  2. Suicidal Sam

    MRP HeyItsBaruu's Suggestion

    Description of suggestion: Ok so heres my suggestion, Heroin it would be a new way to make drugs and get money I think it should sell for atleast a bit more than cocaine as in real life Heroin does typically sell for more than cocaine, What you would do is you grow Opium which on its own could...
  3. mak

    MRP Be able to sell clothes

    Description of suggestion: I think we should be able to sell clothes. Reason why it should be added: It should be added because, I’ve spend over 120k on clothes and over half of them is some I don’t even use. And probably y’all also bought clothes that you don’t use anymore. And I’m trying to...
  4. Airless

    MRP New Command

    Title: FPS Command Suggestion: I think that we should add a !fps command due to the fact that players are always wondering how to improve fps. Instead of always asking since its such a common question and some people ask it every day I feel like this could be a useful command. It would be cool...
  5. plaguedoctorna

    My female police cadet is an error to me and evrybody, please help

    All of my police ranks are errors, and it has nothing to do with CS:S textures because everybody else also sees an error, admins and developers, please help.
  6. IdoX

    MRP Overwatch

    Description of suggestion: Hello everyone, I think this suggestion can change the way the staff team works and the whole report system for the better, everyone who played counter strike global offensive know a system called "Overwatch". This system helps to find and punish cheaters in the game...
  7. IdoX

    MRP Police weaponry

    Is it look weird only for me? Police officers walking around the city with smgs and rifles on they back. In real life regular officers patrol only with a pistol and they put their primary weapon in their vehicles. I think there should be a possibility to deposit and withdraw your primary weapon...
  8. wright

    MRP Fire Department Overhaul

    FIRE DEPARTMENT OVERHAUL Suggestion submitted: 6.1.18 Written by: Desisting (STEAM_0:1:91135411) (Max Waters in-game) Table of Contents: [1] Why? [2] Removals [3] Additions [4] Other input [1] Why? The Fire Department has been lacking features for ages and no one seems to...
  9. Grahpes

    MRP Double XP Weekend/Days

    Hello my name is Krigh and I farm and grind out alot of time consuming tasks on monolith. I think on the server there should be double xp weekends or days to allow people to rank up a little faster. This would allow alot of people to come onto the server and try to get there levels up making for...
  10. Garry Johnson | Poot

    MRP Add a fake gun license

    It's REALLY annoying when there isn't a mayor for hours upon hours, so you should be able to buy a fake gun license at the fraud licenser. The license would be fairly expensive so people would actually try to get a license from the mayor first before buying a fake one (like 2-3k).
  11. Loopcode

    MRP Event tp command

    It would be cool if you guys could make a new command like !event where you can see events coming up and sign up for them. It would help staff since they can just tp everyone that signed up at once instead of staff having to teleport people through pm's 1 at a time.
  12. FosterGecko

    MRP Vehicle Restoration Activity

    I had an idea based on a game I once saw someone play called Car Mechanic Simulator 2018. Obvious by the title, this is a game where you are a mechanic and fix cars. The difference from Monolith is the fact that there is a junkyard where you can see wrecked cars, look for one that you like, and...
  13. ZoZo #ImNoob

    MRP Furniture sitdown

    Can u do on every furniture seats a sitdown if you press E u can sit Guess Alt+R doesn't work for every furniture and that make them useless.
  14. ZoZo #ImNoob

    MRP American firetruck

    Please add the american firetruck back in the server. Guess the europe version doesn't match whit the server. And people are abusing it for pushing vehicles.
  15. Fever

    MRP [SUGGESTION] A Way To Split Stacks

    So, many may know but it sucks to die with all you chems on you but a simple solution would be a way to split items. Therefore if you could add a way to split stacks so u dont have all your green chems and/or other items on you while doing lsd or other activitys. btw was asket to be made a...
  16. Beeza

    New van?

    Make it so this van is buyable :)
  17. Tim

    [SUGGESTION] Generator Spot Lights

    I think that Spot lights, the type that have their own built in generator should be added to the police car's trunk system. When police set up checkpoints, It would be useful to have spot lights that would illuminate the check point. I feel it would really benefit the role-play experience.
  18. Beeza

    [SUGGESTION] Unknown Player Names?

    Everyone hates unknown player names but what if it can be used? On a different server everyone had like unknown player names and in order to find out their names they would have to both right click on eachother and RPly shake eachothers hands. What if, you can do it so you hold E on someone and...
  19. Jordan

    [Suggestion] More Guns

    I think more guns will add a variety for people to choose from. Here are some more examples of guns:
  20. Beeza

    [SUGGESTION] More Slots For Detective

    4 Detectives instead of just 2 so you can always have a partner and so the PD get more of a buff because police lose a lot and to be honest the police should be stronger than civilians. If you say "that's OP because they all get 100 Kevlar" Remove Kevlar and make it so they must buy their own...