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  1. Iron Chef

    MRP Backpack idea

    Description of suggestion: An equipable backpack that can be bought at the hardware store for around 5000 Dollars to provide extra inventory space, BUT with one downside. The more items you carry the slower you walk. Per inventory space from the backpack you use you walk 2% slower. The backpack...
  2. Iron Chef

    MRP My soul is tired of using the pickaxe as only tool

    Please, add a Jackhammer or something more expensive or efficient you keep permanently I don't care about the price. I've been on this server for a few months now and its just tiring to get a random chance when you get to get 8% of the chunk, its slow, tiring and unefficient to do so. Just add...
  3. Iron Chef

    MRP Suggestion for Female Gender ingame

    Description of suggestion: Ok so, today as a non-premium user I changed my gender to female ingame and noticed that only casual clothing can be bought as a non-premium user which made me very upset, maybe make some zipped hoodies non-premium because males can also buy Suits and other Clothing...
  4. Lucky ✯

    MRP Medical/Healing Skill along with an addition to an item.

    Description of suggestion: Healing Skill with perks and benefits. Reason why it should be added: After being alive and surviving some chaos, people are left at a disadvantage when no medics are on, since you cannot heal above 75 even with the most expensive of medical equipment available to...
  5. vmackattackv

    MRP Legalize Shotguns and Bolt Actions.

    I've only been playing on monolith for about a month now, i feel like ive progress pretty well. Its come to my attention recently that, the legal amount of guns is pretty low. I was wondering if there was anyway we could go about changing that, especially since its a US based server. I feel like...
  6. StewartJames

    MRP Remove 8 min et. al

    Description of suggestion: (Provide a detailed description of what you are suggesting) Remove the 8 minute death timer, and revert previous changes such as longer death timers and higher life insurance costs to be lower again. Reason why it should be added: (Explain why your suggestion should...
  7. BOT Aj

    MRP Bring Back The old FD and add some stuff.

    Description of suggestion: First off i would like to say, that i was a Fire Fighter back when we still had Hydrants, and all tho it sucked to fill the trucks up like that, it was A LOT of fun. Lately FD is not as good as it use to be, i wish we still had fire hydrants we could fill up on, and...
  8. Shabzino

    MRP Add the Range Rover into Monolith

    Description of suggestion: Add the 2020 Range Rover Sport Reason why it should be added: The supercharged rover is nice and everything but having said that this new 2020 rover looks way too good to not be in mono imo and im sure a lot of people will agree with it being a thing on this server...
  9. Specter

    MRP Organization War-Time Suggestion

    Description of suggestion: When an organization is at war with another, the Mug and Raid Counter should be completely removed or reduced. Because IC if I see someone in a Rival gang that I want to mug, and my organization is at war with theirs, then I believe I shouldn't be restricted to a...
  10. AbueloChilo

    MAP Playable Chess for the Prison tables.

    Chess tables would be great as a form of entertainment for both prisoners and correctional officers. It would provide a clean way for prisoners to pass their sentence, aside from doing chores, and a way for prisoners and correctional officers to participate in friendly chatter. Being in prison...
  11. reqord

    Daytime Monoford, Please!

    The amount of times I’ve been pulled over for not having headlights on and how sickening the constant dusk is for even a few hours of play let’s see Monoford in full light!
  12. HΛISSAM®

    MRP Financial credit system

  13. Suicidal Sam

    MRP HeyItsBaruu's Suggestion

    Description of suggestion: Ok so heres my suggestion, Heroin it would be a new way to make drugs and get money I think it should sell for atleast a bit more than cocaine as in real life Heroin does typically sell for more than cocaine, What you would do is you grow Opium which on its own could...
  14. Mak

    MRP Be able to sell clothes

    Description of suggestion: I think we should be able to sell clothes. Reason why it should be added: It should be added because, I’ve spend over 120k on clothes and over half of them is some I don’t even use. And probably y’all also bought clothes that you don’t use anymore. And I’m trying to...
  15. Airless

    MRP New Command

    Title: FPS Command Suggestion: I think that we should add a !fps command due to the fact that players are always wondering how to improve fps. Instead of always asking since its such a common question and some people ask it every day I feel like this could be a useful command. It would be cool...
  16. plaguedoctorna

    My female police cadet is an error to me and evrybody, please help

    All of my police ranks are errors, and it has nothing to do with CS:S textures because everybody else also sees an error, admins and developers, please help.
  17. IdoX

    MRP Overwatch

    Description of suggestion: Hello everyone, I think this suggestion can change the way the staff team works and the whole report system for the better, everyone who played counter strike global offensive know a system called "Overwatch". This system helps to find and punish cheaters in the game...
  18. IdoX

    MRP Police weaponry

    Is it look weird only for me? Police officers walking around the city with smgs and rifles on they back. In real life regular officers patrol only with a pistol and they put their primary weapon in their vehicles. I think there should be a possibility to deposit and withdraw your primary weapon...
  19. wright

    MRP Fire Department Overhaul

    FIRE DEPARTMENT OVERHAUL Suggestion submitted: 6.1.18 Written by: Desisting (STEAM_0:1:91135411) (Max Waters in-game) Table of Contents: [1] Why? [2] Removals [3] Additions [4] Other input [1] Why? The Fire Department has been lacking features for ages and no one seems to...
  20. Grahpes

    MRP Double XP Weekend/Days

    Hello my name is Krigh and I farm and grind out alot of time consuming tasks on monolith. I think on the server there should be double xp weekends or days to allow people to rank up a little faster. This would allow alot of people to come onto the server and try to get there levels up making for...