[NPC GUIDE] How to sell items in the Supermarket and Hardware Store (Ores and Plants) [Updated 5.0]

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Monolith Grinder
If you are having a problem with selling your ores, wood, produce, etc this is the guide on how to do it. (Updated to 5.0)

All of this takes place at the Supermarket (SM) on your monomap, It is different from marketing or /ad

ADDITIONAL NOTE: When selling your items, if it doesn't say sell then walk closer to the NPC. If not, the item is un-sellable.
To sell some edible items like tomatoes or cookies, stand next to the Produce Cashier In Supermarket:


Open your inventory and select the produce you are selling, then click "Sell"

To sell Ores, Bars, or Wood, etc. Stand next to the Tool Cashier at the Hardware Store:

Just like the Produce items, To sell your items click the item in your inventory, then click sell
Be aware that you cannot sell furniture to NPCs and can only sell them to other players
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Monolith Grinder
Updated to fit the server update

Alex Anderson

Active Member
Oct 1, 2017
Can You Update with the prices for plants/ores?


Monolith Grinder
Can You Update with the prices for plants/ores?
Wdym? Could you be more specific? I cannot add the individual prices to each plant/ore as that is an entirely different guide in and of itself. If that is what you're asking


Monolith Grinder
Added additional notes

If you have your own additional notes feel free to reply with some.


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Guide will not be updated until further notice


MRP Server Director
MRP Server Director
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Aug 11, 2017
Miami Lakes, FL
Good information,



Monolith Grinder
Updated to fit 5.0 Update
(Couldn't leave you guys with old information :p)