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    2 years I've had an account on these forums, man it's been forever but it was the server that...

    2 years I've had an account on these forums, man it's been forever but it was the server that got me from like 8 hours on GMod to 991 hours, have so many personal stuff that I just dont have time anymore but I hope everyone is having fun. I've made a lot of memories and wish I can make some more.
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    Brain Power

    Brain Power
  3. DangerZone640

    Christmas 19 Newsletter

    Okay, this is epic
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    Give️ me all your Sprite™️ Cranberry

    Give️ me all your Sprite™️ Cranberry
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    EVENT MONOAWARDS: Nominee Voting

    Helpful player? :thonk:
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    The Best PC Build Ever

    Petition to add swiss army knife for police
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    soup homie
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    MRP Add Sprite Cranberry for the Christmas time

    Description of suggestion: I mean it speaks for itself Reason why it should be added: Its the thirst, thirstiest time of the year (Not a shit post, I promise this is genuine for the christmas time) We can roleplay and have fun playing around with sprite cranberry Related content:
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    Your full Discord Name: THE ANSWER IS CLEEAARR#5104 Which Staff muted you: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ What were you muted for: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Unmute Reason: Its been like 6 to 7 months, I am sorry about it even though I don't know what I did. I havent done anything bad as of recent so that's a plus, I just wanna be...
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    @Razile My main man razile, it's been too long my friend
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    Favorite Christmas Songs

    "The answer is clear" Beat me to it
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    All I say is to ensure youve given the rules a good read and youll be fine. If someone breaks a rule dont immediately point it out, continue the situation and report it later, you can always get your stuff back but cant always get yourself unbanned
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    Woohoo fifteen years old

    Every year in the world, a year passes in africa.
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